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That message I sent
On a random cosy night
Laying in my bed
And you gave it a sight
From a single dm
To texting every day
Those Long WhatsApp VNs
Gosh we had so much to say
That was all we had
In this modern-day

Maybe I'll never forget
That wink emoji you sent
Nothing ever made me blush
And forget everything that I had to vent

Hugging you for that one last time
Pretending for a moment that you were mine
Life is quite strange these days
Technology holds the power to your smile in so many different ways

For you aren't around now yet
Each memory we shared stays
In my heart and amidst my gallery in a phase
Covering everything from where we ate to where we met

Sometimes I'll stare at the sky
Wondering what would make you smile
Asking my self just the reason why
Are you away from me, a thousand miles

Is this the fate of our lasting bond
one side breaks apart and another one responds
was it the situation or the distance at play
for us not texting each other throughout the day

Maybe expecting that notification is my definite mistake
for not everyone can live up to this false piece of cake
There's not a day where I don't think of you
not an effort gone by where I wish all this was still new

It's strange how quickly special turns to normal these days
what once meant the world to me is now just a blurry haze
Despite all this, I shall keep waiting each day
for you to be back in just the same way

Those Long WhatsApp VNs
Gosh we had so much to say
That was all we had
In this modern-day
After all, we're just those people waiting for that one message, that one call, that one notification of the person that our heart beats for. Although your heart could beat for many, many of us just have that special someone who can just make us smile.
Chris Saitta Dec 2019
Love is a left-mouse click, a flashing prompt,
For the cursor cross of a Crusade that never was,
And the knight who is broken on the scroll wheel,
And the lady in waiting who backspaces from the real.
Ritz Writes Dec 2019
Finding the right words to articulate our fragmented memories, stained ink and silence to fill the void of your absence;
We became the passive voice of our generation who cannot muster up the courage.
The generation who couldn't face to face challenge the odds and ask you to stop and simply utter, "Stay".
Stay so that we can face the music together.
Stay because it hurts without you.
Stay because it challenges me to fight my battle against the crowd in proving out that
I'll stand by you.
Stay because you're the hand I'd love to hold amidst the crowd.
But silently, the meek voice which couldn't make the right choice,
Still struggling to find terms and conditions in order to address the wound we are silently suffering; deep down where no could see,
How painful it could be!
The ‘untranslatable’ Japanese phrase ‘Koi No Yokan’ is ‘the premonition of love’. Have you ever encountered meeting a person, the calm to your storm and the home you wanna always run to.
Dedicated to someone I've encountered, yet I am afraid to lose and still bottling up my feelings.
Mary Shanti May 2019
Open up to me
Like apps awakening
Feed me bits of you in colorful rhymes and pictures
Fill me with the files of your life
Even the ones titled miscellaneous
Even the ones titled don’t open unless an emergency
Even the ones that are hidden far back in the files of other files
Be my meme
My posting in the morning to remind me I am the only one
Send me kisses
Real ones
That look like the kinds you see in movie gifs
Let us be each others laptop of loves learning
Paras Bajaj May 2019
you have turned my life upside down
and made me change myself.
you have made me cold from inside out
and made me hate myself.
I will not be able to trust now
only because you happened.
I will not be able to love now,
only because we never happened.
Instagram: @mr.parasbajaj
Patrick Austin Sep 2018
Tinder dame, early September,
kindred flame I'll long remember.
I crossed her path & she crossed mine,
attraction shared was so in line.
A close encounter, nothing serious?
I'd never tried, she had me curious.
Commitment for us to meet soon,
tonight at 9, nearby saloon.
The tension built 'til she arrived,
a warm embrace, my fears subside.
All the while my stomach in knots,
we cleared the air & shared our thoughts.
Talk of cribbage & our pasts,
hopes for futures built to last.
Face to face, our eyes spoke words,
reading minds, beyond what's heard.
Telling I could use a nudge,
She told me she's not one to judge.
Rainier cans & shots of whiskey,
holding hands & feeling frisky.
She opened doors, established trust.
Leaving together was a must.
One more dose of nerve eraser,
another first, a pickle chaser.
We walked along, enjoyed the view,
talked and smoked, Camel's for two.
The house of love, our room awaits,
we tiptoed through the noisy gates.
Alone at last, where to begin?
The curtains drawn, a lovers den.
Our souls & skin soon came together,
kissing lips soft like a feather.
Arousal swelled, and time stood still,
as I explored her lakes and hills.
A loving gesture I did get,
the best one I have ever yet.
Overcome with thoughts of lust,
the mounted madam felt my ******.
Upon her neck, my hands feel right,
She'll teach me more another night.
Our scissored legs ensured a ride,
within so deep I could reside.
Both of us were so perspired,
we drank some water, cooled the fire.
On through the venture we pursued,
enjoyed each other in the ****.
I found it such a great surprise,
my hands controlled her rolling eyes.
A luscious lass with her own way,
her glass half full began to spray.
I found it far beyond appealing,
it gave us both a special feeling.
Afterwards we're side by side,
I couldn't sleep, my smile's so wide.
Bursts of sleep, I dreamt for more,
was not prepared to close this door.
In morning light, our eyes would meet,
I kissed her more beneath the sheet.
Our bodies rested now and ready,
I gave her mine & took hers steady.
I lost my focus in her eyes,
My ***** release, between her thighs.
A perfect evening, morning too,
a shared passion with someone new.
A breakfast spot, that we both know,
Sandwich, omelet, cups of joe.
It was so nice to share a meal,
two new friends who made a deal.
As we went our separate ways,
I hope again, her eyes I'll gaze.
When I felt lost, inside myself,
I found my way through someone else.
This poem is based on my first experience with online dating. A very inspiring event after a difficult separation from my long time spouse. It provided me with a positive outlook and confidence during a time of chaos, confusion and self doubt.
Naked Writing Jan 2018
You slide into my inbox
and I roll my eyes
thinking how our ancestors
would roll in their graves
under wildly blooming roses
the kind of fragrant bouquets
they gave one another
on a first date
a gesture of courtship and respect

they would be so disappointed
in the way their Shakespearean love
has devolved
into self-involved
lazy digital foreplay

you can save your DM
for someone else;
I will continue waiting
for my rose.
Insta: @nakedwriting
Meat Stevens Dec 2016
Sitting down and drinking wine
Taking pictures of
each other
Sitting down and drinking wine
Snapping chats of
Sitting down and drinking wine
Instagraming shots of
one another
Sitting down and drinking wine
Facebook albums
Unlimited selfies
Sitting down and drinking wine
Beach shots
Fake candids
Sitting down and drinking wine
Take one of me like this
Now like this
Sitting down and drinking wine
I don't like that one
Take one of me like this
Sitting down and drinking wine
I took your ticket and
Pondered the number,
When might it be me?
Was a thought that I wondered
But now, as it seems, you want us to
Stay, not move on, just stay
As we are.

I thought I was playing a
Waiting game,
Anticipation of
Linked in a love to be

Dreams of white
Danced round my head
And although I'm still twirling
It seems the music has stopped
And the wait is no more

For there is no other room
No other next level,
The door locked
And you hold the key

I could cry
Drown in tears
Try to swim through the keyhole
But I thought you were my ticket
Thought you'd let me in

I can't fight in the waiting room,
Nor beg you to move through
For if you wanted me, if you wanted to
You'd have taken my ticket and said
"I do too..."
Nothing yet Jul 2014
Have you ever thought about where we are?
What is it over two years.
I can't tell if it's excitement
or heartache,
Can you?

Have you ever thought about where we are?
and I don't mean us, as in the two of us,
I mean literally where we are.
We're playing, watching, sitting... living?
Screen after screen till we sleep.

Screens got me here, gave me this thought...
but have you ever thought about where we are?
I saw her post, under the stars, sharing, loving
I can feel their passion through the screen,
yet not mine or yours when we're both at the same screen.

Do you remember we used to find constellations too?
though do you even like the night?
We have conflicting opinions with that
and this
and that.
Hey they do say opposites attract,
do they ever mention opposites last?

I know we love, I sometimes feel it.
Do we live in that love, do we speak of it,
where is our admiration?

Have you thought about where we are?
I'll be surprised if you check my poetry. Though if you do read this know I love you and I can find no other way to express the idea of this poem out loud.

— The End —