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kevin wright Feb 2021
I lie close to you, dawn approaches
Your sleeping form, a portrait of tranquillity
The air lifts a down feather
  in cartwheeling motions with each breath
Yours eyelashes raise in gratifying embrace

The blue light stirs the blossoming white clouds
We walk through the winds of time together
Where decisions are faced
Now standing in your shadow
You stand in mine

We sit in hearty discussion
This food of thought quenched with conception
A drink reflecting your smile
You hold my hands in loving fidelity
I place this shawl around your shoulders of strength

My pen is running short on prose
Your care replenishes the vacuum
The paper is shrinking before my eyes
Your tenacity overcomes the shortcomings
This desk has room for two

I build a roof over your head
And you a floor on which we live
Gazing through a window, onto the fields of destiny
A framed doorway beckons our pathway
Our feet barely leave a mark

The ark follows on our tide
Our tears are the lily pads the staging posts
   as we wonder through lace drapes
Each delicately balanced step
  reflects our tight rope existence
Our laughter the light
  which buzzes with pollen loaded lifes vapour

Shared music within, speaks volumes on a drum string
Our harmony reaches notes, in distraction unheard
Together we carry an empty suitcase
There is much to fill this
Our creation.... our life.... ours to share

Tonight we sleep together
How fortunate we can be to have found  that person, or a pet, who parallels our existence, excesses of modern society a distraction.
Lewis Wyn Davies Sep 2020
Four kings rode in with strings and skins to bring salvation to me on the streets of New Year's Eve. My friend would lend contents of bookends that induced solutions to a common teenage problem. I became incepted and indebted to the greatest escape artist, plus drowned-out voice who talked me through the agony of lonesome pains. Though association fades, those days still replay in heavy bass, or on the screaming face of a DVD case. But when handshakes are met with drunken compliments, it makes me question what it all meant. Veins no longer contain baselines or nets because the rent doesn't even cover travel expense. There are hotel pillars in a lake up town, tacky Christmas decs have been taken down, while two Jags are parked up outside dad's house. The nice-eyed lad, Welsh running track, smiling dancer and security-defying chap in a flat cap keep me from collapse. As the album dies, benign podcasts thrive. Franchise rise, repeated lines, gym life, energy drink lies and paper bag highs make laugh-cry emojis hard to find. With Wi-Fi or offline.
Poem #25 from my collection 'A Shropshire Grad'. On not fitting in.
KR Aug 2019
The light comes in with early morning dew
They wake to a dim world
A world tormented by ****** and chaos
Yet they still get up everyday
Everyone else does
We have no other choice
The spiral seems to never end as we detest and crumble
We are against ourselves
Nature has begun to rebel
We have stayed too long
We have been too far
We have broken the rules not made by us
But by something bigger than we could ever be
And it is angry

We are the cause of destruction
We have disrupted the natural order of things
We were never meant to become this
But even as we change and grow exponentially
We fail to look back at our shortcomings
In this we repeat our mistakes again and again

We used to have gods to talk to
But we have killed them all in exchange for the quick and easy
We left this hole
Now instead of biodiversity in every sense of the word
We have chains
Chain restaurants
Chain stores
Chain crops
Chain religion
Chain mindset
We have readily accepted being shackled into an unforgiving world
We have blinded ourselves with screens because its easier to see the truth from a lense that seperates emotion from meaning
But who am I to so judge
I myself accept these chains because it does make life easier
For now
Thats the catch
The for now

Soon enough what makes life easier will actually make life incredibly harder as nature changes in an order to **** us
When you only have 1 type of corn, what do you do when a disease kills it all
When you force antibiotics down your throat for every slight inconvince, what do you do when they stop working
Nature is evolving to **** us off
And our stupid decisions are paving the way
Money makes the world go round
And global warming makes it tilt off it’s axis
Ahnaf Jun 2019
Bird with serrated leather jacket collar
When you sip that drink and hit yourself with a mauler
Drop a sigh, with your eyes toward the sky
but don’t fly,
it’s alright to sit low, cry, stay back home in July,
and just standby.
There is no need to commodify

You’re not a lousy fly stuck in a rut
nor a feather helplessly swinging into dirt
You’re a singer singing each note
with your unbuttoned white shirt
and a chain of daisies around your throat

And remember the melodies your senses wrote?
There are places you will go,
when you follow the lilts in your heart’s own flow,
and when into resonance the murmur grows,
there can be no better show
there can be no better show
emeraldine087 Mar 2019
Who doesn't want to trend on social media?
Everyone wants their one minute of fame,
to have their opinions heard,
their photos liked,
their travels wow-ed,
their "achievements" lauded.

The goal is to have a life that your own friends
would troll your timeline to have,
a life that others would **** and steal,
slander and maim to live one minute of--
a #perfect life.

Is there no one who wants to live
for the sake of living anymore?
Shantala Kothare Nov 2018
Giant cable webs from the skies,
Stare at me in my eyes;
Messy wires that crisscross out there,
Are sending transmissions everywhere.
And they make us sit in our homes:
Hooked up to laptops and mobile phones.
And should we step out to meet outdoors:
We quickly look for docks on floors!
In our lives, everyday -
It’s high-tech that we survey.
And though it’s distracting and slows us down;
Keeps us from exploring the reality around;
Can you imagine what it would be?
For us not to be using technology!
Harry Kelly Jul 2018
So often
Going through the day
Minding my own business
and people feel the need to intrude.

Smoking outside my building
Just want silence
One of the local talkies comes over
Going on and on
Sciatica pain he says
On and on
and on and on

“Probably emotional” I tell him
He did not like that
Most people don’t
When you suggest there is something
more going on
Than they are willing to face.

But I have decided
If they want to intrude
on my solitude
I don’t have to chew it.
Harry Kelly Jun 2018
I remember.
Walking with you on West End Avenue.
Laughing and Laughing.
We used to go into the drug stores and try different eye creams Attempting to conceal the fatigue that comes from staying up
for days on end.

Man, did we party.

And I remember.
The different creatures we would run into
along the way.
Creatures of the night.
Mostly emotionally disturbed characters.
Running from life or running from themselves.
Some real crazies.

You remained my good friend.
A reliable person.  Something rare in life.
We would talk about the mistakes we made
and the good choices as well.
Careful never to beat ourselves up too badly.
Because sometimes, it’s hard to make the right choices.
And it’s better to laugh when you mess up.
It’s better to laugh if you can.
Frank Discussion Jun 2018
Just straight repeats are playing
In the darkness.
"Beat me" proceeds burnt out,
******* wisdom.

Broken, beat-up, second hand,
Used emotions,
Carve grooves and ruts so deep
On fractured psyches.

"Don't you want to turn it off now,
Take their hands and give them cleaning?"

"Don't you want to burn the house down,
Gather ashes and give life meaning?"
Harry Kelly May 2018
I went by your old place on West 26th Street
Your name was no longer on the buzzer.  I pushed it anyway.
When an Asian woman answered  I knew you were gone.
Nobody coming out of the building seemed to remember you
Just goes to show.

I went by the old diner at which we used to eat
Same handwritten signs, same menus
Same old tables.
But no you.

I found it strange that the waitress remembered me but couldn't remember
The guy who'd been going there for decades.
Maybe I should have brought a photo
To spark her memory
Maybe I should have reached out to you,
Bitten the bullet and swallowed my pride
Because now the fight seems trivial
Its the rest of the stuff that seems important,

All the good stuff we shared.

People used to sew patches on old jeans and put new soles
on favorite shoes.
Modern life has changed.  We throw things out and buy new.
But some things are irreplaceable.
They are worth the effort a repair would require.
My friend.
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