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Paras Bajaj May 2019
you have turned my life upside down
and made me change myself.
you have made me cold from inside out
and made me hate myself.
I will not be able to trust now
only because you happened.
I will not be able to love now,
only because we never happened.
Instagram: @mr.parasbajaj
Acina Joy Jul 2018

Sometimes, there is an inner darkness that speaks too close to our hearts. Tempting us. Making us yield.

I know it is bad to bow down to these baser motives. These seductions that occur in the darkness of our beings. But, this all depends on us.

To decide whether or not to fall victim to its height of bliss, or to eventually fall to our knees once these illusions are over. It is my decision whether or not to fulfill this growing void.

My only question is, who would always be foolish to believe that darkness is a monstrous path, rather than a human delusion?

Pretty biased on this one, but all I wanted to express was that darkness was something that existed long within man, rather than achieved. I believe it is innate, but not always acted upon. It only needs a push and a nudge to click off the safety pull the trigger. That action in itself is hard to decide, but easy to do, just as evenly as darkness and light.
They say the squeekiest wheel get fix
And the loudest baby get the attention
But when it comes to love they forgot to mention
That the quiet ones are desperately in need
I yearn fix, I want your attention, Im just discrete
I exsist and want your love, so don’t forget about me.
Deep Fear of opening up to another.  still healing wounds from the last battle I lost. War called Love.
Bibek Oct 2017
She speaks to me, the cold,
In the teeth that clatter,
In the glasses that shatter,
From her blows

The cold reaches me,
I can understand what she says,
She whispers chills,
Into my skin, and it stays,
Until it reaches my heart,

Then suddenly, she blows out
Whispering again, into my ears,
That my heart is colder than her,
Reaching there is what she fears,
Feel like i am driven from something dark
Lost hopes Oct 2015
I used too feel whole
Bowl after bowl
I'd watch my life each day
Just vaporize
Or go up in smoke
I gag and I choke
I sleep and I puke
When's it enough
I made out twice
It wasn't by fluke
Once to coke the other too ice
It wasn't till near death I realized
I need to wake up
And stop acting victimized
Too my surprise
*I get too see another day
Sierra Brown Oct 2015
Dig deeper, you'll need to dig a little deeper,
a little longer and harder to reach this heart.

You'll need to be strong and have great stamina
to reach what you're looking for.

But keep digging, it'll be worth it in the end.
I just have a hard exterior baby, please don't give up.

Once you've reached that cold heart of mine,
you'll need to stay to warm it up.
It's been lonely and cold for far too long.
Once you get this cold heart of mine warmed up;
It'll return every ounce of love and time you've put into it.

I'll return all the love you've ever given me and more.
You just gotta start digging.
Koko Apr 2015
She was ice cold in midwinter
Cause cold was all she knew.

Yet, even the most solid ice melt
With a little affection
With most compression
And a heart full of patient.

She still delays
Because someday
Her guard will yield
At someone capable enough
To make her ice melt.
Simran Jun 2014
Words you promised never to speak
Drip from your toxic lips
Venom to freeze my veins
An ice queen I've become
Cold like your heart
A small side to Care

— The End —