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Francesca Nov 2018
I shared a moment with you today;
for once,
I was just
Not plagued with the what ifs,
The constant dialogue,
Bewitched was I
by nature’s percussion,
Dancing a melody outside,
I wrapped us in a blanket,
You calmed -
We both were still,
Our souls connected in a song:
A simple lullaby,
In your eyes sang the Universe,
It echoed back in mine,
An orchestra of consciousness
that I’ll treasure
for a while.
A lovely moment with my baby boy inspired me to write this poem.
Francesca Nov 2018
It’s just another milestone,
You’re finally sleeping through,
People praise me - it’s a miracle!
I’m lucky to have a baby like you.

But it all just feels so final,
You’re to sleep in your own room,
I cried myself to sleep last night,
Memories of you dancing in my womb,

The empty space beside my bed
was such a shattering blow,
An overwhelming sense of loss
consumed me head to toe,

I sobbed into my pillow,
As your Dada held me tight,
He’s only next door, he whispered,
Let’s see how he sleeps tonight.

At 4am I heard you cry,
I checked to see what’s wrong,
You were sound asleep my dear,
Did I dream it all along?

It’s just another milestone,
I know everything is fine,
But it’s also another reminder,
Of the relentless passing of time.
My baby boy slept in his own room for the first time this week and I didn’t expect to find it so hard!
Francesca Nov 2018
Blue skies are optimistic,
even when days are cold

Grey skies are oppressive;
they weigh heavy on the soul.
I’m not a big fan of winter.
Francesca Nov 2018
The mind can be a
poisonous vine,
That twists
and creeps,
and thrives
The twisting vine,
is kept alive -
If it’s scrutinised.
Francesca Nov 2018
Waking in the dark,
No morning song,
Only artificial light
to break the barrier
between realms.
My body is awake -
oblivious to seasonal change,
Driven by biology.

But my soul remains dormant.
She waits again for Spring.
#November #winter #cold #SAD

— The End —