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Forgotten Dreams Dec 2014
It's so easy to forget,                                            Then suddenly... gone
Let thoughts just slip away...                      a      I agree though,
Let them fade into non-existence.                   w      It's sad
Or at least that's how people play it.            a                  Sad how easy it is
Honestly...                                                   ­                        To pretend to
If you try to forget something,                            t        care
The more it just sticks with you.       a                                  love
Anything you want to remember...              o            dream
Well, that just seems to slowly f            l                                     forget

But that's all life really is, isn't it?
                                                             ­                       One big old **pretence
Dear Blank Challenge 2014. Written for Mikayla Hughes in response to her wonderful poems (check them out they're great)
Forgotten Dreams Dec 2014
If you go down to the woods today
You're sure of a big surprise
If you go down to the woods today
You might even meet your demise
Because today’s the day they all have their picnic.

Every last one who's been cruel to you is sure of a treat today
There's lots of innocent thoughts to ruin and many dreams crush
Anywhere possible, where nobody sees they'll taunt and slice as long as they please
That's the way they all have their picnic
Picnic time for them all
They're all having a lovely time today
Watching, waiting for the perfect time...
They see you gaily gad about
You loved to play and shout
You never had any cares
But at six o'clock your Mummy and Daddy can't take you home at all
'Cause all you are is their dead little victim.

If you go down to the woods to day,
You better not go alone.
It's alluring down in the woods today,
But safer to stay at home.
For every bully or abuser or hater or cheater ever there was will gather there for certain
**Today’s the day the ones that ruined your life will have their picnic...
Forgotten Dreams Nov 2014
Tears are like rain.

Sometimes there's too much...

Sometimes too little.

But no matter what they are essential for life
Forgotten Dreams Sep 2014
Innocent lives
Told there's no hope
Hope for life, for happiness
Innocent lives
Nobodies there
Kind words all but forgotten
Innocent lives
Lives not worth living
Lives to be given up on?
Giving up...the easy option for those
Innocent Lives
Vertical drop onto concrete pavement
Eager watchers there only for self gain
Until there's the need for help by your side they'll stay
Pacing, plotting waiting for the day...
The day you'll give up
One life
One chance.

I think I'd give up too...
Just a poem I was forced to write in English (And yep I'm aware of the awfulness of it) but I guess seeing as I haven't put anything up in aggggeeeessss I might as well put it up.
Forgotten Dreams Aug 2014
One Step
The only way is forwards
One Path
The only one I'll take
One Destination
The only one I'll get to
One Life
The only one I've got
One Chance
The only one I should need
One Shot*
To ****... or to succeed
So yeah I took a bit of a break from writing and this it all I could come up with at three in the morning.. Not great I am aware but better than nothing I guess
Forgotten Dreams Aug 2014
Help me
I can't control this
No one can hear me
I should let go
Not worth it
*Still Living
Forgotten Dreams Jul 2014
Y'know I haven't in a while,
Haven't needed to feel the pain.
But for some reason I let a common internet troll get to me.
So now I guess I leave the site,
and hang my head in shame...
I played around with putting my feelings out there,
But this has proven it....

I can't trust *anything
Forgotten Dreams Jul 2014
Symbol of joy,
and things that have been.
Searching for wonders,
And things unseen.

Symbol of peace,
And summers long past.
Searching for secrets,
and things that will last.

Symbol of pain,
and wars from afar.
Searching for friendship,
and leaving with scars.

Symbol of change,
and those friends long dead.
Searching for laughter,
and leaving with hearts of lead.

Symbol of unity,
and standing together.
Searching for the end,
and finding it lasts forever.
Forgotten Dreams Jul 2014
You are
dreams to me
magical and mystical but fleeting

You are
hope to me
strong and powerful but diminishing

You are
forever to me
continuous and intriguing but pointless

You are
laughter to me
my only thoughts to me
the saviour from my darkest days to me
                                                           twisting changing
Calm down and trust it, they say
This is a really old one I was just wondering if anyone could guess what it's about no one I've asked so far has been able to get it but I don't think it's that hard
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