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In the bend of my road
That way offshore
Call me with my old name
What song I sing for her

Someday in some moments
Did I leave something!
In this dusts of the way
Maybe in the monsoon of May
Or my empty way can say!

What that I couldn't understand
Wanted to understand
How all is lost
In the wheels of time
And why today all those
Cast me

I'm a tired traveler
Sitting in the shade of shadow
At the time of sunset in the meadow
What causes of an illusion!

What I have lost
Behind the mind
Does she come back certainly!
In that lost obsessed path!

I think the day has turned
Lost in the bend of road
Maybe taken the new way
In the bend of the road
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O' Holy Spirit
I cherish you
For You have given me
The divine grace**
Of efficacy
Your prayers have lifted my soul
From a life of sin and shame
Brought healing
To my body and spirit
You continue to lead
Me away from weakness
Of mankind so that
I may contain
O' Holy Spirit
I cherish
Your prayers
I will continue until
My day with Thy Father
I may sustain
Motivated by listening to John Piper's sermon. The Spirit helps us in our weakness.
Continue to be strong
Rise above the crowd
Make your case
Let your actions shout out loud
Find yourself
And have that fire
Be fierce, firm, and direct
Be the one to reach higher
She hears the heavy tread of his shoes,
carrying the weight of his mighty
is her sad and trodden Solitary Man~

Hurt by life’s emotions
she has traveled so far
found love once -
with this Solitary man~

One more journey
to seek his vision
and love
she looks for her
Solitary man~

But she knows the answers
already given to her lonely heart
as she travels his roads
her heart looks for him
to return to her arms
her Solitary man~

it is only a matter of time
till her solitary man
finds his way
to her bleeding heart
crushed at the sight
of Her Lonely Solitary Man~

Is it to late?
the love that once has been
is now down a lonely path
trodden with tears
to her Soliatry Man~

Debbie Brooks.. @ October 27th 2016;campaign=share&utm;_medium=facebook;_campaign=share&utm;_medium=facebook
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☆☆♡♡♡ HELLO POETRY ♡♡♡☆☆

Thank you all so much for your support of my work! This was such a pleasant surprise!
I wish I could thank each and every one of you who is commenting and responding to this piece. Unfortunately things are happening at my home which are beyond my control. My dad wasn't feeling well. He's better now but he still has a lump in his right cheek. He had had cancer at the base of his tongue and this is in the same area. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes! They are greatly appreciated!

I'm just putting everything in God's hands.
  Jul 2016 Debbie Jean Embrey
It can enrage the angels
Devils it can make serene
Most powerful creation
Anyone has ever seen

Peace in cruel hell
It's rhymes can create
It's emotions can bring
The heavens to hate
Poems are magical
What happens when we waken to a world of wealth
We only desire to be that much more wealthy

What happens when we waken to a world of crime
We only expect the worst around the next corner

What happens when we waken to a world of pain
We hurt inside and out and the pain is unbearable


What would happen if we waken to a world of peace
We would be shocked, and wonder how long it will last
I wrote this over a year ago. :)
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