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Robin Mar 2018
I am no longer a raindrop in someone's ocean,
I am now an appalling thunderstorm
who unapologetically demands a second glance.
Thinking of You Aug 2017
You’re going to mess up a lot.
Each time you’re going to think it’s the end of the world.

It’s not.

Don’t believe everything you think & know you and your future are entirely up to you.
To My 7th Grade Self and me everyday.
Thinking of You Aug 2017
Live your life as if there is no man of your dreams.
Live your life as if you will never marry or have kids.

Provide for yourself and make the lifestyle you want alone.
Don't expect anyone to come save you.

That's what men do.

They don't wait for anything or anyone.
Neither should you.

— The End —