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fabe Dec 2020
At the 30th of December’s misty nights
There I was with the waves of dawn
The wind within the shore was unlike any other;
A soothing feeling that cripples right through me
There was a sensation of peace inflicted on this picturesque.

I have been here before,
For my soul has taken this spot as my safe-haven
But tonight felt different-
There was protection, epiphany, certainty, restfulness, & grit
All at this same place
Where I once deluded myself with agony.

The cynical man was nowhere to be found
He felt like a different person to me now;
His eyes were ablaze with might, hope, and allegiance
The libertine in him has finally escaped the labyrinth
He now knows what there is to gamble in life
It was there-
The purpose that he has long been vying to have.

And it was there on that same old little-town deck
Where the stars have drastically aligned for him
He was a different person-
Not as bright, outgoing and open as before
For he has finally understood the essence of personal security,
The importance of social and moral responsibility,
And the need for wisdom and integrity
In this wrenched, rotten and hostile place that he stands in.

For he has now realized
How it felt to reek happiness from independence
That in the pursuit of completing one’s self,
an ‘another’ is unnecessary and off the pages
and that life is lived well-enough-
when we make the best moments
out of ourselves and our own prosperities.

There is more to life
Than to be insecure, repugnant, or ambiguous
And cliché as it may strike;
Instead of waiting for the best to come,
Be the best,
And there you will feel heaven
In the resting pages of your own solitude.
-a lifetime devotion, puhon.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
Undoing every punch
Lock my voice inside a dial tone of conflicting passions
Is it ok to cry?
or should I rather call?

It’s a curious thing when
You let these buried phantoms master you
They reappear and sweep you up
Into uncharted territories
unknown to a single man

As you sit and stare at their ghost of a memory
Reflecting the dimensions of yourself
Smiling happily knowing you are not that

Dissecting the luminosity of your youth
Naive innocence
Still there
No faded imagery or idea
too far away to be..
All is possible
in the mirror
of another world
or so it seems…
allison Mar 2019
like a phoenix
i'm reborn
from the ashes of who
i used to be.

I went to check up on you today
but then like fate, my hand stopped me
so I didn't see what you were up to
for the better.

like a phoenix
i'm reborn
from the ashes of who
i used to be.

I'm the happiest I've been in weeks
Today I did something that I could've let
ruin me
but instead I held my head high and
didn't let it affect me.

like a phoenix
i'm reborn
from the ashes of who
i used to be.

my friend told me
that he saw self improvement
in me that i didn't pick up on
until he said it,

and now i see...
like a phoenix
i'm reborn
from the ashes of who
i used to be.
i'm growing as a person and I couldn't be happier :)
Sundiegoguy Nov 2018
Lately, I keep wishing to go back to when
Before the old me went missing
I’m afraid to live because falling is not pretty,
Now, I am wasting borrowed time not living.
And I don’t know when I will feel cleansed again
To say the least, I’ve been feeling broken for a long time

Living as I do is not living.
I want to come out and do it all
But I am scared,
Scared I wasn't strong before,
Scared I won't be strong today.

As I said bye to my dying self,
I promised to never feel this way again.
To never betray myself again.
To never cry tears for this again.
Because I deserve so much more than what I got back

I don't know how to let go of my past
For I lived 18 happy years by myself.
And I don't know who the new me will be,
But will living with pain be part my new life?
Or will my pain come to an end too?  

It's a long way to fall
An even longer one to climb back up.
And when our fault finishes us,
We will be given life again
To carry on,
In this journey without destination.

Can't wait till my bones move again
Can't wait till my eyes see again
Can't wait till my heart pumps blood again
Can't wait till my soul feels happiness again
2015. Part 2 of my Suicide Hike Collection. The story picks up where Suicide Hike left off. Enjoy. Comments, Likes, Opinions welcomed.
Niklaus Jun 2017
When you talk about ******
what comes to your mentality?
Is it pornographic or anything ******?
Well, I can't blame you because that's the usual.

Young I was when I saw two people *******
I was in fact aroused and confused with the course
Body's almost perfect and linking in a nasty manner
I realized I was impure and called myself sinner

Years blossomed. Further, I got older and saw people naked
I was shocked with imperfections, My senses awakened
Scars and stretch marks crawling, creeping beneath the flesh
looking at soft bellies and imperfect tones was refreshing

The body, Afterall should be taken as a form of art,
Not a ****** figure to be used, think about one's heart
Vaginas and Penises are just private part for creations
******* and ***** are just only parts to be filled with appreciation
Whether huge they are or not, We are art.
I was inspired by Emily's post on instagram

— The End —