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Curtis Owens Aug 17
I want to die


honestly though; I just want to be okay
Curtis Owens Jan 2019
I met today the daughter of a diplomat

her face was framed in such a way

that I found it hard to stay my gaze.
  Jan 2019 Curtis Owens
a poet who can't write
a dog that won't bite
a hill that can't climb
a clock with no time

an ist with no ism
undead but not risen
an endless schism
of self sedition and indecision

a two headed coin
a completely missed point
a light in the void
a limbless joint

Bo-Peep with no sheep
the shallowest deep
an unsailed sea
of dreamless sleep
while morrissey despairs in the background
  Jan 2019 Curtis Owens
Pauline Morris
Besides the screams and panic
Besides people becoming manic

Was the most haunting of sounds, ever to be heard
Surreal and hysterically absurd
As loved ones try to leave nothing unsaid
Was the continuously ringing cellphones of the dead

©Pauline Russell
  Jan 2019 Curtis Owens
Same place
Different faces
Same path
Different paces
Same promises
Different lips
Same heart
Different lovers
Curtis Owens Jan 2019
A seed, set into soil, seeded to be
a great oak tree.
sprouts in deepest of hells floors
towers unto heaven’s door.
Many try the climb and fail
Not many live to tell the tale
Many try the climb and find
At the top they are forgiven sin.
Many will gaze upon the tree
maybe you.
Maybe me.
Golden fruit and angels high
branches of life unto the sky.
Pleasure below, swapped for the soul
Ecstasy traded for a heavy toll

Angels look down from tree branch high
Demons beckon below
One way yes, one way no

I am climbing from bottom to top
Although at times I am stopped
even when I begin to fall
I catch myself and begin again

That climb from Worlds end
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