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Peter Gareth May 2
It's time for amazing people
To stop flirting with mediocrity
Just a thought that occurred me on my way to work...
Ormond Mar 30
Flowers so rare and fine,
Missing from this dry world,
Lost, unwatered, unseen, yet
No ones and none despaired,
They then planted their garish
Seed in blot sun, most sodden,
Soppy soils sprayed which fell
On the plainest, most commoner
Grounds, such fertile dirt, wrought,
Then, all who came to view where
But gaggles of proud mediocrity
Who arrived to revel and preen,
Unjust, they remade this earth,
Once lively, to be lame, what
Celebrations they now need
What praises they do crave,
Sadly, they could not know,
A flower for the weeds.
James Diamond Mar 21
Ah, Mediocrity, you pernicious and insidious killer!
You live through the Good Enough, the So-and-So.
You make dull the genius; a philistine of the sinner!
You slow the clock to maintain the status quo!
No matter what I do or how I try, you are always there,
Conniving in the dark, outside my imagination.
A villain of the artist indeed! A true nightmare!
The perpetual source of my mind's sedation.
Perhaps it is not you that is the real culprit?
Perhaps it is the ones that love you, that adore you?
I have indulged you before, ashamed I am to admit,
Your raison d'etre is profitable, surely tried and true.
But I have greater aims than you! It is Heaven I strive for!
The mountain that I climb has no place for a *****.
Zeynep Çiçek Dec 2018
You’ve closed your doors
For the time being
Sealed shut your windows
Your walls
Closed the curtains
To blind my eyes
To your breathtaking
I don't remember when I wrote this but it seems alright so I put it here
Irate Watcher Sep 2018
the monster,
is black sludge.
He engulfs
all alive,
about the ongoing
where to go.
Gods1son Sep 2018
I was on a journey to being perfect
On this road, the landmarks were my defects
The walls were painted with my mistakes
Passersby constantly hailed my weakness

The path was dark and lonely
Felt so ****, those comments really bruised me
Was eager to fight like I was Bruce Lee
My thoughts said everybody ******* me

Definitely, my saddest venture ever
I thought I was very clever
Gladly, I found an escape through the sewer

Oh, What an awful adventure
Welcomed myself back to reality
Learnt to appreciate my inner treasure
Helped me live above mediocrity.
Sarah Mann Sep 2018
too much time to think.
crushing is how i would describe it
like walls falling to the floor
with a more than deafening crash
a single hand suffocating my throat
and along with it; a suppression
of my creativity, and livelihood
i’m not sure who i am without you.
it’s been far too long.
the mediocrity of my attempts
at denial are almost laughable.
if it weren’t so pathetic in it’s origin.
the night proves to be the worst.
stuck; contemplating a lost unity.
a severance of what once was.
the void and i have found solace in each other.
alone, decrepit; trying our best to survive
in whatever way, we can. avoiding the gaze of the time.
this is such a strange place to be alive.
time is powerful, perhaps too much so. greater quantities do not bring wealth, just insecurity and doubt. i wonder when i will learn to come to terms with the workings of my mind. September 3, 2018.
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