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KMarie Feb 8
Many times our hearts settle
Long before we know
What love is
Before we have a chance to grow
And what if we have missed
The chance at loving
Having never been kissed
By one who completes us
In ways we will never know
For mediocrity and safety
At the cost of never feeling
What it’s like to be on fire
From the inside
Jim Marchel Jan 22
Why shine
When you could gleam?

Why sleep
When you could dream?

Why cry
When you could weep?

Why chime
When you could sing?

Why fly
When you could soar?

Why try
Life's endeavors?
"Against every great and noble endeavor stand a thousand mediocre minds."

- George S. Robinson
"Envoys of Mankind: A Declaration of First Principles for the Governance of Space Societies"
yousuf Jan 13
How can I blame it on anger
when I know it’s wearing masks
the veil of anxiety looms
over my incompetence
slowly it becomes rage
jealousy fuels the flame
anger is all that’s exhibited

Despair and depression
making me numb
the wonders around me
loses its charm
the mind races
nothing makes sense
the body craves comfort
the soul seeks a home
Enveloped by dumb babies
Who cannot read a word
I'd rather be a-flyin'
Till then I'll just be dead.
(Bled 'n' bleedin', dyin', nothin' new, goo-goo.)
Prefer a cradle to a sty
But babies love to waddle
No wonder people play with knives
And babies love the bottle.
(I Love the Sky.)
Seán Mac Falls Mar 2019
Flowers so rare and fine,
Missing from this dry world,
Lost, unwatered, unseen, yet
No ones and none despaired,
They then planted their garish
Seed in blot sun, most sodden,
Soppy soils sprayed which fell
On the plainest, most commoner
Grounds, such fertile dirt, wrought,
Then, all who came to view where
But gaggles of proud mediocrity
Who arrived to revel and preen,
Unjust, they remade this earth,
Once lively, to be lame, what
Celebrations they now need
What praises they do crave,
Sadly, they could not know,
A flower for the weeds.
James Diamond Mar 2019
Ah, Mediocrity, you pernicious and insidious killer!
You live through the Good Enough, the So-and-So.
You make dull the genius; a philistine of the sinner!
You slow the clock to maintain the status quo!
No matter what I do or how I try, you are always there,
Conniving in the dark, outside my imagination.
A villain of the artist indeed! A true nightmare!
The perpetual source of my mind's sedation.
Perhaps it is not you that is the real culprit?
Perhaps it is the ones that love you, that adore you?
I have indulged you before, ashamed I am to admit,
Your raison d'etre is profitable, surely tried and true.
But I have greater aims than you! It is Heaven I strive for!
The mountain that I climb has no place for a *****.
Zeynep Çiçek Dec 2018
You’ve closed your doors
For the time being
Sealed shut your windows
Your walls
Closed the curtains
To blind my eyes
To your breathtaking
I don't remember when I wrote this but it seems alright so I put it here
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