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Maja Mar 17
I smiled when I would rather cry.
And when I felt the pressure on my chest,

"It’s fine," I lied.

But is it my fault for hiding,
or is it their fault for making me hide?
Come what may
on that day
win or lose
you will choose
what to do
and be true
to your word
as you heard
in your mind
of that kind.

When it comes
do the sums
to find out
all about
what the cost
'ere it's lost
will then be
so you'll see
if you can
that time span.

Take a risk
be not frisk
with the time
of your prime
you'll surmise
and be left
seen bereft
without scope
of that hope
you will need
to succeed.
Written in Jan. 2020

MAKIng hIS plaCE

nO OTHer caN repLACE
Tizzop Dec 2019
i wrote about civilizations and greed
in order to scent creatures

scent and greed
friends are hidden between the
river's sparkling
hidden on the river like pearls

i don't know if you know
what i'm talking about

but that's fine my man
but that's fine baby

we simply have to ask brother
we simply have to ask sister
if we need answers for our longing

they are sitting by the tracks
close to the trains

they're always there
always: i promise you

don't be scared baby
i promise you:

they are always there
like moon and sun
like a being being overall
in our past present and future

a wonderful power;  in my son's
colorful bible it's called

do you understand that?
can you grasp it?

many african-americans say
"you feel me?" in order to
express and share something
(much love to omar devone little)

on my chest there is a tattoo
the one you copied
in an hour made of

scent and greed
i wanted that

i wanted that you come to me
among the shadows
beneath the greed
above the scent

in a moment of "you feel me"

our skins were sparkling  
our souls were glowing

as we felt each other more
knowingly and more deeply
as ever before

we were two halves
overfilled with the longing of
our childhoods

so i had to come into you
you needed me to be inside of you

and we felt each other
more deeply as ever before.

we arrived:

at an old little house by the sea
green rusty window shutters
it's never cold there like florida

close to the waves you know
this old little house by the sea
it's always warm there

not far there is a train station:
where we find the brothers and sisters sitting by the tracks

we had arrived.
Thank you, Lorraine, DP and Melancholy of Innocence for your answers to my question. And for your wonderful poems.

Thank you, OCB Relax Music, for creating music of calm and peace.

Today is a good day.

YouTube: "Morning Relaxing Music - Piano Music For stress relief and Studying (Riley)"
Tizzop Dec 2019
kiko i'm breathing
your lust's air
storms of our lifes
and our pasts

we share childhood memories
we sleep together
we feel each other

we are one body now
a body made of
two halves

we are one person now
no need to hide anything

playful lights
warm winds open windows
the ocean inside our body

we are coming together
Jason Adriel Nov 2019
last night i realized
i needn't be dead to go to heaven
or be called upon by god

only your soft body

lying quietly next to me

takes me to heaven.
yeah, hot.
Valentin Nov 2019
making love and having ***
watching movies and netflix
laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time
talking and calling someone
thinking and overthinking
drinking wine in the evening
having breakfast in the morning
waiting for the rain to stop
getting high and listening to music
eating ice cream before sleeping
even though you're not hungry
you just want to eat before you
The Vault Sep 2019
How lovely the clouds look
From the ground below
Painting the world in darkness
Such a beauty to behold.

It is so weird
How this is my life
How I am alive in all this
And get to change my fate

But death will come
And somehow curiosity
Is in my skin
Of what happens
After my heart stops beating
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