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We are buffeted by the brutality of constant demands
That erode the inner steel we put up
To block out the absurdity of life.
Always looking forward, to what?
To time ticking down
As we move inexorably to unity in our everlasting darkness of nothing
The stupidity will hit us one day
A tsunami of regret
Why did I keep the madness at bay
instead of embracing it and taking it out to dance.
We wake to our monochrome future
A way of life dictated top down
From a power that thinks it knows best
To tell us want to think, what to do.
Be comformist, compliant, collective.
Or else.

So History’s mistake repeats itself
When will the lesson be learned?
True power lies in being powerless
It pinpricks the tarpaulin that suffocates opinion.
An irrepressible vibrant culture of individualism
seeps colour up through the drains to the city’s beige surface.
It is irresistible for it is who we are.
We swim in the ocean of thought it releases
Our souls lie between the ocean and the darkness of the night sky
There, we are untouchable
There, victory lies.
We constantly fear
our being here
means nothing.
That life,
our constant strife
brings no objective.
That our heart
at birth just starts
because of evolution.
We dread the thought
that we are nought
but atomised vacuity.
Yet in this deep doubt
is an instinct so stout
it tells us we exist
for a purpose.
And that instinct
we cannot ignore.
This city is lost in the wilderness
Our Trappist souls to discover
Our billowing needs stripped down to less
A chance inwardly to recover.

Let us not lay waste this time to reflect
Let the sigh of the wind lift our thoughts
Let snippets of kindness expand and collect
Let us love, for our time here is short.
You tap your watch in those holes of time
The glint in your eye taunting,
‘Oh Life, so brutally rationed.
Such a shame. Tick tock!’
Sands pour down an unforgiving hush.
You beast.
How I yearn to escape you.
How your coiled fingers tighten their grasp
As you throw back your head
And cackle at the futility
Of my struggle.
For I am you
And we are one
Forever my worst enemy.
We wake.
We worry
what the day will bring
If a second coffee is too much a thing
If the milk is off, if the washing is done
Can we do the ironing before the clock strikes one?

Will the dust that lurks in those little nooks
Under lampshades lips and on top shelve books
Accumulate to cause our death rattle cough
So we’re undiscovered ‘til the stench turns rough?

Has the dog been walked, has the cat been fed?
Has he tidied his room and made his bed?
Can I afford this and that? Have I remembered to shave?
Will I retire with no savings to misbehave?

Was the work I did yesterday correct?
Will it cause huge problems to resurrect?
And lead many fingers to point at me
Will I be sacked for everyone to see?

Is my income sufficient, have I over spent?
Will I have enough to pay my rent?
Do I rail at colleagues and think they conspire
To burn my career on a funeral pyre

At night when my mind should be shut down
These thoughts of woe go round and round
Petty nonsense obsessions are my default
I wish I could stop them, tell them to halt

But the human condition is like this
A constant search for tranquil bliss
Beyond our reach, an impossible mission
For stress and sorrow are the human condition.
War forged your reputation
Inspiring language convinced your nation:
Never, never, never
To give blood toil tears and sweat,
Our duty this day  to be done for
No victory was more important than this.

Civilisation’s saviour are you
Heralding the truth when none believed
Until it was too late, most thought.
Redoubt sprang forth from your words
Courageous transcending oratory
Hope sublime in hopeless times
Inciting minds beyond logic
Lives were lost in sacrifice for
Lives saved in ensuing generations.

We shall never forget
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