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Xella 2d
With outstretched arms they scream help me.
and with huff of hel and slap of p- the outstretched arms curl
backward never again to reach surface doesn't it **** you to think.
That we our arms calmly by our sides- we with limbs holding each other- we grabbing a coffee on the way to work. We. Not them.

With outstretched arms they scream save us!
and with the rattle of a gun across metal cage they go from quiet to silence. In a million years a revolutionary change will occur. Too late for my friends the outstretched arms. Too late.
It is quite unfinished. just an idea.
Xella Feb 8
Vespertine shadows slowly encroach on the body of land that is me and you, us.
Forgetful people we get distracted by the green goblin we all trust- to soon.
Greedy child taking it all for yourself, you gullible thing, you immature thing, you human thing-

As hills erode, and small wrinkled trenches start to show in bright light, dandelions and forests start to grow faster and faster, louder and louder until it is the loudest. So proud of the way we made this- changed the mind of delicate dew drops, diving into the two sunken wells, they cry. The abundant land that is you and I is bigger than ever. The biggest ever.

The greatest to ever fall- falling down watch it claw at the edges of the world, you can hear the echoes call snapping of leaves, the forest burnt down, the green goblin you trusted betrayed you all the while you believed it. Now take it-
Look around. See the wrinkled face cave in, the body engulfed. From earth we rise, to earth we fall.
Xella Feb 7
The loud rumble that is tumbling weeds down serendipity-
yet drought ridden western terrain in the barren countryside of red
rocky mountain high and piercing blue sky.

I see blood red soil-
that rather sit in the pits of misery than- drink.
From the clouds of gods in the night-
so listen to me when the heat begins to rise- and seas fall.

The loud rumble that is tumbling **** down serendipity-
started it all,
                                                        A Million- Years Ago.
Xella Feb 5
A door slammed in the night-
across the road from I
lived a man-
three children, and him.
Happy family or so to expect ordinary-
Xella Feb 5
Such a phenomenon- stars
falling off the sky stars- a once in a life time event occurs
and I stare-
what more to do when face to face with the tragic demise your own fate to just stand and stare hopeless
quite poetic. Ain't it?
So when watching, This star fall-
watch the dreams of children perish,
you and I and they all know.
So stare- and stare hard
for we die once the view goes dark
and curtains close-
fade to black-
                                        The End.
You only live once don't ya?
Xella Feb 5
It is time I leave, take my hand I'll tell you bout the life I'll lead.
Do I believe it? All the more now you know- One day I say. One day.
Will you put me on the train and wave me goodbye?
Or leave me at the front steps of my new life that lies beyond the hill.

Sad lonely hill. Not near yet not far. In the middle.
Not sure about this one.
Xella Feb 5
Kitchen floors fell like the disappointment that hits right after a long night out-

cold, hard, sticky, *****, greasy-

Like the look that sweeps across my mothers face as I look up-

Kitchen floor.
I've never been drunk actually.
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