Here you sit alone,
You used to froth and foam,
Abuse of women, eh,
Talking to yourself again,
You abused alcohol and drugs,
Now you're a winner with no hugs,
Yes, I guess that makes you a winner
of no privileges, now I'm a grinner,
Who does misogyny make a winner?
Nothing will save your morning teabag,
Fasting is good for you, dear, signed, this old bag,
Now you're thirsty again,
You're the winner of a futile old age,
So, alcohol made you the winner,
Good day for a smile, I'm a grinner,
I'll never be your tea lady again, grinner,
So I guess that makes who a winner!

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Acacia Mar 22

i have been blessed,
and oh baby
you’re my kind of man.
you drive me crazy,
and you’re driving me mad.
i’m fine with it, it’s no hassle at all.
as long i can be with you,
when it’s just the two of us.
i want you
and i need you to show me your world;
show me your paradise,
take me there, baby.

inspired by "my kind of woman" by mac demarco
C'est Nous Nov 2016

Wasn't the holiday with her enough?
You had to up and show your smug.
You make it a point to dot all my eyes.
Simply hanging out for a holiday fun.
Playing ring toss and I'm still winning.
Not phasing noise on my boys arm.
All lame poetry you'll pen yet again.
Ask her to do my famous pen trick.
She'll give you short end of the stick.
My mom asked if you might be coming.
I replied, "he now has a new dumpster."
So ill from your rhetoric this winter.
You're out numbered by multiple lies.
Keep thinking she's so talented of all.
No hero, no zero, I'll wait tables til I die.
Wait for that blow job gone with the wind.

Russia has a new weapon,
Talking to you is the closest I'll ever be to heaven.
Eleven minus seventeen is six, in case you didn't know
I'm aware I'm making no sense but I don't care so...

Hot tea, singing MC
to myself, as I day dream
17 more days,
16 more nights

until I will feel him, hugging me tight.

or is it negative six?

Don't ask me...
Wyatt R Sep 2016

On this day
I stared at my hands more than I ever did
and the red seemed much more vibrant than before.
I saw hope and death written on each one respectively.
I held back tears as I contemplated what this all could mean.
I held back tears as I contemplated what this all could mean.
On another day
I hid my eyes away in hopes that I could slowly disappear,
so maybe I couldn't cause myself or anyone else anymore grief.
I felt perfectly demolished inside like a perfect little storm.
I held back tears as I was contemplating if this meant anything.
I held back tears as I was contemplating if this life meant anything.

You could very well
be the thing that I've been dying for.
We'll never know if I start to slow down,
if I miss out and strike out.
They always say that you
shouldn't close a book before you finish it,
they say that you haven't lived
until you find your reason for it.
I'm just so tired of waiting you see,
the darker shades of life have leaked into me.
I've started losing the grip in my left hand
as my right grabs my neck.
If you're coming, I'd appreciate it if it was sooner
and if you're coming, then I hope that you come soon.

Eve Corvinus Sep 2016

My cigarette burnt lips have so much to say,
Under this roof on a majestic night we lay,
Storms and clouds might as well be in our way,
Stars will fall short wherever they may,
Believe that the ocean will wash the pain away,
For you're the magnificent star that lights my day.
Oh, how I hope forever with me you'll stay.
You're my religion, you're how I pray.


Dylan Halvorsen May 2016

you're my sun you're my moon, you're the softest hour of noon.
you're the dark you're the light, you're all that's in my sight.
the grass and the trees, the hum of distant bees.
you're the air that i breathe and the weakening of my knees.
you're the sky and the stars and a wish flung afar.
you're a laugh you're a sigh you're the photons in my eye.
you're a word to an ear, you are love you are fear.
you're some cats you're some mats,
you're milk curd you're my lack of words.

Scarlet Keiller Mar 2016

Breathe in your death.
Death, you're in. Breathe.
You're in. Breathe, death.
In breath. You are death.

~~ Four lines for four words (kind of). ~~
Jo Baez Feb 2016

I stopped having nightmares & started daydreaming.
As I stepped off the ledge to fall head first into this dormant abyss.
Lucky me, I ate black bird feathers, and started growing wings.
It's easier done than said.
I woke up to a stranger to myself.
Like riddles in form of DNA strands.
My thoughts shape shifting.
so I never know what to say when someone starts to ask
"How you been"

AB Jan 2016

Today I realized
Why we never worked.

The problem was, you were
The only good thing in my life.

When the rest of my life was in shambles,
You were the only good I found everyday.

You took advantage of that.
Because I gave you my all.

But your life, your life was good;
I was just an extra piece of the puzzle.

When you realized that I didn't fit;
You just passed me off because I wasn't

The problem was my life.
I thought you were my life, because I needed
You to be my life.

Too much was going wrong.
Too much was fucked up.
But you were perfect
To me.

The problem was always me.
Me; and my horrible life.

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