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Seanathon Oct 3
In mind a young mans fortune told
His sky colored and emboldened by light

Though the story is winding like a forest old
Falling into complexity at every summers end

It's in discovery And time
Which you are found

Lest I find
That I loved not you but this image of mine
He named her and I couldn't help but laugh, at his lack of a tangible definition.
Sleepless as I am
The nights keep me awake
Like magnets
Disperse, diversity and patient.
The paramagnetic properties.
Make it possible to assimilate these materials in electric relief.
Called love.
You're not alone ...

you're  not in a good mood ..
stuck in memory of those days ...
desiring and craving to those days ......
feel as you got lost ...
no baby ...
here I am, baby ...
i'm here for you again ...
to bring back those days ..
Yeah ..
let's get back the days of love ..
and live the most beautiful lust  ..
yes darling ..
I am with you ...
and you're not alone ...
come baby  ...
let us together ...
get back ...
those days ..
days of love ...
and feeling''s lust ...
we deserve to do ...
to live our love ...
with no fear ...

sweetheart ...
you're not alone ...
i'm always here ...
here only for you ...

come baby back ...
it's our love ...
let's save this love ...
let's feel together now ...
our Feeling's lust  ...
as we did before ...

good morning ...

hazem al ..
Please write back
I can't save you
Until Wednesday
But please write
I still have dreams
About seeing you
And it breaks me
I saw you last night
At a Panic! concert
You were hurting
Even there
My mind is reaching out
But I don't think
I can reach you
This time
It's been thirteen days
And I swear
I'll never stop thinking
About your purple hair
And your bands tees
All the reasons
I gave you my number
To begin with
I want to sing to you
With my awful voice
To make you laugh
To draw on your hand
Is all I need
You're beautiful
And funny
And I'm nothing
If not a cliche
I guess that's okay
As long as you are
Still with me somewhere
Things aren't easy but I'm starting to look forward again.
Nothing is really
All that strange
If you think
Too much or
For long enough
If there really is
A great big man
Who lives in
The clouds and
Watches our
Every move
Then why
Is it such a big deal
When people love
Each other
In a way they're
"Not supposed to"
If an immortal
Presence graces
Our every moment
Then why do we
Care if someone
Cuts their hair
When there are
Wars and natural
Disasters why do
We prioritize
Someone's abortion
In the news
Besides, who is
This "God" guy
Why the hell
Should we trust him
He "created" us
But we don't owe
"Him" anything
In case you couldn't tell, I'm a raging agnostic. Anyways, why do people give other people **** about tiny things, like wearing what they want or learning what they want or generally just not being sheep. If there's a "god", we've got bigger problems to worry about. And if there isn't... let's just say that getting a pixie cut is way less "weird" than gathering weekly to worship the nonexistent sky god. Just saying.
Seanathon Jul 29
When you're tall
    You unfold like sunlight
    Stretch like silicone
    And unwind like the outstretched cobbled road

When you're tall
    (and you apply yourself)
    You become something else

    You don't just gain a strength masked dangerous, no

When you're tall
    And you have conscious opportunity
    You grow
Be It Only Sideways - GROW
Don't you dare
Think that the miles
Matter much
You're my
And I'll
Never stop
Thinking of you
Your face
Will always
Be in dreams
And there's no time
That when I close
My eyes
You won't be
On my mind
Maybe it's a bit exaggerated, but not by much. I care about her so much. Her hell is so much like mine.
you’ve drenched my canvas in pigment,
so i’ll paint you a memorial,
with passionate bonfire sunsets
lolling cloud’s giggles
and the loveliest oneiric wisps.

you are the piccolo sky

the maundering thunderstorm’s dissonance,
and the electric sting of the lightning.

the dazzling stars sharpness coupled with,
the magnetic pull of the milky moon.

the lustful vapor of magma sunsets,
and the shimmering ocean's distortions.

you're the tornado's wrath fueled destruction
and the light kissing dust in the sunrise.

you can be as daunting and as infinite
as you grey abyss in december,

or as soft as april's white raspy breath,
loving brushstrokes across the blue heavens.

i don't know how i reached you so high up,
or how i can stay afloat in the clouds.

but i will figure it out just for you.

you are the piccolo sky.
the piccolo sky

sharp yet soft
beautiful yet harsh
melodic yet shrill
Johnny walker Jun 21
I've returned to the life
of being alone now my darling Is no longer with
all those people who
knew Helen and I as a couple don't seem to
want to know me
So I can now walk amongst them  like a ghost In landscape without ever being seen free to do as
please but In truth that how I like It to be just to live my life In the
memory of my
Philomena Jun 1
"I never thought I would ever escape
At times, I wanted to die
Feared that it all was just a little too late
For then, I wouldn't survive
I let you in and let go of the hate
My heart recovered now, I
Owe you a debt that I can never repay
I still believe 'cause you're mine"
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