Kaitlyn Jan 8

i do have a life of my own.
not everything i do revolves around you.
lately i've minimised my contact and relations i have with you.
and you're my best friend.
something has changed in you and i don't seem to connect anymore.
i think i realised this change of personality on New Years Day.
when the question was asked; 'what is your ultimate goal for this year ahead of us?'
'to fuck as many guys as i can possible'
i mean that's cool and all.
and like i suppose i support you in anything you do..
but its different.
'to be content with myself and figure out my future'
that was my answer..
it seems like our answers could never actually come from best friends.
or at least that's my opinion.
but i think i've come to realise that i do not want you in my life if that is your biggest goal of this year.
but you act like its all a joke because you've realised that you will never have the potential to do something worthwhile.
too late now i suppose.
and you spring up a plan on me for a week ahead to be out of town for almost a week.
after evaluating it all, i found out i am unable to go due to prior commitments.
you know..? like things you promise to do and won't change if other things come up.
but you don't know that..
once i was upset so you sent me a text saying that we're having a confrontation that arvo only for you to blow it off and fuck your boyfriend instead.
i can genuinely say that i was depressed and was on the verge of suicide and just knowing the level of importance i had to you nearly sent me over the edge.
i hope you're happy... with yourself.
as when i told you that i couldn't attend, you attempt to convince yourself that the trip will now be "mega sucky".
but in the same minute you send a message asking with exclamation points and all if it was still okay for you to go with the girl you replaced me with.
you didn't just replace me on this trip..
you replaced me as your best friend.
and i'm not coming back..
i guess that's "mega sucky"
suck to suck bitch.

things i want to scream in my "best friend's" face to show her all the ways she pushed me away and just how she lost me. have a fun life
Lex Jan 7

The first time I saw you
I realized you were special
The way you sat quietly by yourself
and you laughed with your friends
The way that even though you've had trials
I could see that you like to smile
When you look at me
When your fingers brush my arm
I feel like a little girl again
Everytime you smile at me
and look down at your shoes
Your cheeks flush red
You're missunderstood, you're incredible
and maybe someday your heart
will be with mine.

Lure Pot Jan 4

You're the one for me
you're the all of me
I want a smile from you
I just love you sweetie
I'm asking if you love me!

You're the my new day
you're the my good night
you're the my blue bay
you're my bright light
I just love you baby
I'm asking if you love me!

I love your cute nose
I love your lovely eyes
I'm a fan of all of those things
your heart is my safe place
I just love you sweetie
I'm asking if you love me!

You were made for me
I wish you could be mine
you're so cool to me
think of me if you're fine
I just love you baby
I'm asking if you love me!

You have everything
I'm alone, I have nothing
true love will never die
this love is true, never lie
I just love you sweetie
I'm asking if you love me!

Lure Pot Dec 2017

If you'd love me, then tell me soon
because love is shy like the moon
it can hide
under the clouds or go away soon.

If you feel me ever; don't be shy
just tell me
not to others
because your feelings can make me
feel you better
not by others.

If you're confused in a relationship
and you can't share
your feelings with me
then it will bring you too tears
so don't be afraid
come to me right now
and share with me
your adorable feelings with no fears.

I want to be happy too
with your love
but you're still unknown to me
I would love you too
so you're very welcome to me.

Lure Pot Dec 2017

I respect your mama
because she's
a part of you
I love your girl
because she's
your heart.

I honor your baba
because he's
your idol
I like your son
because he's
your goal.

Your shadow is
in my heart
and I'm melted
around you
I miss you, my friend
though we're apart
I must say
You're spellbound.

Jaycee Dec 2017

I would give you all my warmth if I could.
Like an ice sickle, I'd crack from being cold
and shatter on the cold, hard ground
if it meant you'd stay warm.

I hate that I can't warm you up. You don't deserve to be cold.

It's like i play a video game
A third person shooter
Or a badass RPG
My Avatar interacts
With the world
While I control him
From my comfortable room
My avatar talks to you
Not I
My avatar laughs at your jokes
Not I
My avatar holds your hand
Not I
My avatar is who you know
Not I
But I'm done playing
I want to destroy my avatar
I want to lay my hand on the screen
And push right through it
And enter your artificial world
And find you
And hold your hand
with my
real hand

Lure Pot Oct 2017

Hey, you are so sweet and lovely
You're innocent and handsome too
No, you're better than me, believe it
Truly, no one's better than anyone

Hey, you're so romantic and smart
You are cute, shy, and lovable too
No, you are the cutest than me
Truly, no one's better than anyone

Hey, you're gorgeous beauty and cool
You're good looking and decent too
No, you're so much prettier than me
Truly, no one's better than anyone

Hey, you are a great poet and playwright
You're an amazing writer and presenter too
No, you are the greatest than me, believe it
Truly, no one's better than anyone

'Yes, your poems are great!
You put a lot of thought
And feeling into your words
I can feel that when I read'
You have a great mind too
So you are a great poet than me
Truly, no one's better than anyone.

Some comments of my friends
Spencer Albino Oct 2017

I really want you to know that you know nothing.

I really want you to care.

For uncaring minds are bleeding, desperately seeking this;

And I can see you're not there.

Mental absences bleed the truth of our hearts

And I watch them all from above,

Though they think I'm beneath them,

They don't feel the pain that I've known.

They can't feel the pain that I've shown,

Though they see a child in pain,

They lost the wisdom of ages with wolves who tore

All the knowledge that they worked so hard for,

They worked so hard for themselves,

But who is left when they're gone?

They worked so hard for comfort,

But they forgot about Love.

They forgot about Love.

They forgot about Love.

How on Earth could you forget about Love?

An important message
Lure Pot Oct 2017

Mama, you're the best gem
You are my life,
Mama, the world is filled
with your love.

Mama, you give me everything
all of you, self-goal
Mama, you are the most special
in the earth, first of all.

Mama, you are starving
but give me food
Mama, you are the cure
when I am sick.

Mama, my heaven is
in your care
You’re the most important one
in my whole life.

Mama, I hurt you so much
but you still give me love
If something happens to me
You got beat up!

Mama, you understand my sadness
that I can't language
Mama, let your tears fall
in my sadness,
Mama, you are so happy for me
when I am happy.

Mama, you are my everything
all my love for you, Ma
You have my love and respect
for my whole life!

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