Heather Merry
I am so sorry
You’re gone hurry
With your lorry
Near by the ferry
Were eyes cherry?

Heather Merry
I am so sorry
I like yours diary
And dress of hurry
Don’t go on jury
Is it Tom and Jerry?

Heather Merry
I am so sorry
You look like fairy
Having some berry
Really, that’s worry…!

Sorry if you mind it funny

You're the bit of my heart
You're the Lens of my eyes
You're the rule of my life
Ray, I love yours every art.

You're so simple straight
You're so joyful sedulous
You're so happy gorgeous
Renee, I love yours every art.

You're so cool cute soft
You are so shy caring
You're so tricky knowing
Willow, I love yours every art.

i was delighted
when i first heard
michael jackson had died

men who sleep with little boys
and spend copious amounts of time
with them are always pedophiles

that is generally how it works,
but only all the time

soon after, people were posting
about this great loss
on a website i used to post at
they were sad that the pedophile
was dead

i always thought it was stupid
how he named himself the king of pop
that was a title he gave himself
and pretty much everyone went along with it
even the parents of the little boys he molested

i told the people who were grieving the loss
of the king of pedophilia
that when a man molests a child,
it cancels out everything else
he does in life,
but no one listened, they just got pissed off at me
because albums like thriller
are more important than protecting children from abuse

then i told them that "people" who abuse children
are unfit for human life
they told me i was a sociopath
then turned  the conversation
back to how much they all loved thriller
and pepsi commercials

jeff bezos had the tip jars removed
from the amazon cafeteria
because an (overpaid) amazon executive
was told by the cafeteria workers he couldn't use the change
in the tip jar to pay for his order
(after he tried to pay with change from the tip jar)

he then complained to jeff
and jeff decided that the cafeteria workers
who make minimum wage shouldn't have a tip jar
if the tips weren't going to be used to pay
for rich amazon executives lunches

so the next time you place an order with amazon
because you love price fixed counterfeit merchandise so much
go out and apologize to every child and middle class
person that you are personally responsible for displacing
because you owe them a huge fucking apology.

jeff bezos is the biggest conman of the 21st century. and also a cunt. and a total piece of shit. too bad they don't do public hangings anymore.

there is no free lunch, only free one day shipping with prime.
Lure Pot Jul 12

You're sweet with glad smiles
You're lovely with kind eyes
You're happy with lovely face
You're merry without hair lace
Melts someone your shiny teeth
You're so beautiful Claire Smith.

You're having shy with cute nose
You're looking decent like a rose
You're loving all with soft mind
You're talking to friends with kind
Your sweet voice melts every kith
You're so wonderful Claire Smith.

july hearne Jul 1

i met karl denke once
had sex with him too

i met him on myspace,
he was the jealous type
and i loved it,
made me feel pretty

i met him in person
his mom called and asked him
who was over and if it was anyone important
he said no

i overheard the whole thing,
but karl made sure that i heard it
because he told me that his mom asked him that
and that he had said no.
then karl told me that he didn't owe me anything.

he also told me i was too tall,
he was used to shorter woman
a lot shorter, he said

then another girl called,
he looked at the caller id
and said, "uh oh, i can't take this call now,
i'll call her back later"

karl didn't show me his city,
he kept me in his tiny apartment
it was a bachelor's he said
his refrigerator was very dirty

when i got home
karl dumped me
because i asked him if he missed me

after i asked him that
he said:

"that's it, we're through"

he dumped me online
as i was listening to an mp3 file
he had just sent me via yahoo instant messenger

the song was "American Woman"
by the Guess Who,
a canadian rock band, formed in winnipeg in 1965

karl had planned the whole thing,
probably around the time he saw
my body wasn't built for reverse cowgirl

about a year after karl dumped
my american kardashian sized ass,
we spoke on the phone about all his new girlfriends.
karl told me my writing was too angry.

karl is doing really good these days,
he posts book reviews on goodreads.com
about books that i think are popular fiction
but am not sure, since i have never heard of them
and almost never read popular fiction.
karl doesn't care if you like his reviews or not.

his mom posted a picture of him and his latest girlfriend,
who will maybe soon be his wife if she isn't already.
she is a lot shorter, and probably isn't american
so she is good enough for him.

can't wait until karl hangs himself.
i hope his mom posts a picture of that
on her facebook page.

i'll never forget you karl denke, i want to but i won't.
Lure Pot Jun 20

Your love is like an ocean
It’s so deep with billow
Surfs slow down at haven
It hasn't line and wallow.

Your love is like a rose
It’s grown with fellow
Smells take lovely nose
It keep on sweets flow.

Your love is like the moon
It’s full with shining
Smiles flush grounds soon
It's coming and coming.

So I love you Willow
Can't leave you Bolt
You're my eyes Renee
Ray, open your window...

Lure Pot Jun 20

You are my heart
You are my part
You are my soul
You are my goal
You're my everything
But I'm like nothing!

You're my morning
You're my evening
You are my noon
You are my boon
You're my everything
But I'm like nothing!

You are my today
You're my morrow
You are my Ray
You're my Willow.
You're my everything
But I'm like nothing!

Lure Pot Jun 19

Your face is happy
Smile is glad
You're not scary
Never ever sad.
Sweeting, you're beautiful.

Your eyes like stars
Hair is lank
Your voice is sweets
All down sank.
Sweeting, you're cheerful.

You're beauty queen
A little bit shy
You're like teen
Moon in the sky.
Sweeting, you're wonderful.

Lure Pot Jun 19

Asking you my heart
But you're so apart
I's waiting for you
Just wanted a view
Didn't feel my hurt
You hasn't time a few
However, I love you.

Lure Pot Jun 18

You are tired tonight
Should take some rest
You are tired tonight
Try to get some sleep
You're tired, very tired
Get off fag will be best

Have a sweet dream
Have a good night
Keep pens on ream
Morn will be bright

You're tired, very tired
Should take some rest
You're tired, very tired
Try to get some sleep...

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