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what is an purple heart
it's an just before
purple heart

tell the alph alpa
Kewayne Wadley Aug 2017
Kissing her was more than transcendent.
I came to the realization that this one moment was infinite.
Setting ourselves as a door.
Revolving the same emotion that otherwise would flee.
The exact teachings teachers and prophets set as the floor.
We elevated.
Our breath becoming the message stuffed in the folds of our mouths.
Licked and sealed.
We were but envelopes made of flesh.
Our ***** left open, receiving the best of our former selves.
We discussed the effects of paper once wet.
Neither of us cared.
Becoming one with another.
Our fears smeared across our face.
No longer a label our stamps fell off.
We categorized ourselves the sender of mail we often thought to send.
But as over thought occurs.
We become shuffled around. Lost in thought.
Until we mailed ourselves.
***** left open
Toothless Nono Apr 2017
I wrote letters
for myself
five years from now
telling him
that it's okay
to cry
once in a while
that tears
are not a sign
of weakness
but an emotion
taking shape
freeing itself
from the binds of body.

I comfort him
with lies
telling him
that if he waits
everything will
turn out
that the fire
won't burn as much
if left untouched

I tell him
that broken guitars
can sing too.
Out of tune
but the melody
is there
on the moon
and the shadows
are its audience.

I convince him
to tuck himself on bed
every night
and sleep
to count the sheep
and drift away
without the help
of tears.

I tell him
that I hope
five years from now
that he reads
these letters,
that i pray
it won't be left
collecting dust
in the corner
of an empty room
deprived of joy
and life.
Robert Zheng Apr 2017
i collect stamps
not the mail kind
not the male kind
not the may hill kind
not the mayo ill kind
not the may hue kind
not the maim yew kind
not the mwaya view kind
not the mwayam myeil kind
not the amaway yilovski kind
not the mynsigwi malomisten kind
snot snee smail skind
rot tree trail rind
trotsky braille grind
hot bree hail's tine
don't tell me what is and isn't poetry *******
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2017
My heart was like a mail box.
Waiting for one piece of mail in particular.
A special letter hand delivered.
The promise of sealed flap, carefully stamped addressed perfectly.
Scented in heavy anticipation.
There I stood in different variation of weather.
Going from hot to cold, the thought alone keeping me warm, closed in.
Suppressing everything that I held in.
The flutter of ads, bills, and different envelopes addressed to other P.O boxes helped build this anticipation.
Waiting for the moment I could open my mouth and accept you for everything you are.
Pouring your heart out in full stationary fashion.
Without hands to satisfy such anticipation.
To open such a flap and grant myself the gift of you kind of puts us in awkward disposition.
But the urgency of it all is as clear as day
Seanathon Feb 2017
If I could box up all of the words
The most beautiful ones that I've found
And send them to you in the mail
I would do it without hesitance
Because beautiful words don't belong in my world
And I'd much rather see them alive and well
In the hands of a fluid reflective girl
Who might just meld them into song
In a world where such words actually belong
True story... (:
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2017
And when it comes to her.
She leaves little to no room for any moment to be occupied by something else.
Even with that being said. It still feels like there isn't enough time in the day.
No matter what happens.
I'll always remember how it feels.
The ****** of her cheek against mine.
Trapped together in a cardboard box.
Frame by each corner.
A genuine box. Wrapped tightly in the gentle caress of arms.
It seemed like a good idea. Provoking each other's silliness.
Considering how attached we were, it really seemed like a good idea.
No special paper, no gift wrap.
Just scrunched up faces in a small space. Trying to figure out how to tape ourselves in.
Postage stamps sealed to the side.
In deep thought wondering where we'd end up next.
If only we could keep one flap closed while one of us taped us in.
I suppose it would be easier if we brought tickets and boarded a plane.
But wheres the fun in that.
Mailing ourselves away for a day or two
Realizing that the best things in life are free
I rest neatly cloaked of an envelope.
'n smellin'
of a spritz - of Hollister Cologne. 

I'm not one to openly pine - on an anecdote. 
But I know on this impendin' journey, 
I'm travelin' all on my own. 

The words that've been wholeheartedly (quill) spilt..

Lovingly comprised - have barely even dried. 

As I lay in here..
'n more than a smidge of deathly terrified. 

My love's the raw emotion of a heart - feelin' all alone.
My love's the endless passion of a hand written poem. 
My love's..

..nestled gently beneath a one way ticket. 

Go ahead!
I'm ready - lick it..

Oh, 'n while you're at..
That single red rose..

Go ahead! 
Please, pick it..

Now, kindly, send us on our way. 

I'm tryin' t'change the course of her day. 
In the mailbox - I'll contently stay. 
Jus' knowin' that I'm only miles away..

..from sensually serenadin' destiny. 

The contents of this telegram, 
is all o'the muse - that's left o'me..

..and THIS is my last chance. 
As I've finally reached lady love's delicate hands. 

The body of my intentions - she carefullyunfolds. 

"My Dearest Love, 

Truth be told..

When everyone in my life has stranded me, 
you've always remained near. 

Through moments of anxiety, 
'n inconsolable despair. 

You showed me a side of life, 
in which I was previously unaware. 

I'm not quite sure why you even put up with me. 
I really can't fathom - why you still care!?

I constantly hide you from the outside world. 
Around my friends - you miraculouslydisappear. 

Yet, every time I've needed consolin'..
It's YOU - that's always there - with an ear. 

I've poured my freakin' heart out,
to you - time 'n time again.

I've made a complete *** - of myself,
through tears that slowly trickle, 'n softly bend. 

I've even tried to pretend..

That I was perfectly fine,
when my life, I was all but ready - to end. 

And through it all - you were there for me. 
God, I still can't comprehend..

..what I've done to deserve your love. 

What I can do - t'make amends. 

Please, don't tear me up! 
My love, listen t'what's been penned. 

My Dearest Poetry..
From this point forward - I promise 
t'uphold my end. 

On everythin' I love..
I've got you, my Godsend."

Yes, I've fallen in love with Poetry. 
This is my hand written confession..

-rome ©2016
I always wish
That hand-writing
A letter
Didn’t go out of style.

I miss the excitement
Of getting something in the mail.
Opening a hand addressed envelope
And reading the words sent to me.

But now
All I get in the mail
Is bills and unwanted
Or needed, advertisements.
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