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lila Mar 30
every time the doorbell rings
my heart stops and sometimes
i think i start hearing things
small flashbacks
of broken childhood memories
and apologies falling through the cracks
but i can’t seem to forgive you
after all that you’ve put me through
because, i guess you forgot
but you hurt me too
Maria Etre Feb 12
The heart has become
foreign to the knock
of love on its doors
It stored a doorbell
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2018
She always had a knack
for catching me off guard.
To expect the unexpected.
My heart a doorbell-
Expectation the mat she stood.
Sometimes she'd wait patiently.
Other times she'd constantly press the button.
A sudden nudge of emotion,
The appeal of urgency
Knowing that not many will wait.
Her smile sent special delivery,
Opened on arrival.
She never came when I expected.
Often checking before she rang.
My lips sealed
In suspense of waiting.
Better late than never.
My heart rung last minute.
Pressed again and again.
Again and again.-
Indulged that she came
My lips sealed at the nook of hers.
My heart a doorbell-
Pressed in anticipation.
Met quickly in arrival.
Her finger against my heart a courtesy
The whole time the door unlocked
Waiting for her return
Anya Sep 2018
You know,
The frustrating thing
Is that almost all
The good poetry
Comes to me
In the night

I try to sleep
As newer and newer
DING ****!
The doorbell in my mind

Then, of course
My body is inclined to roll over
And my hands are forced to
Pick up my phone
Begin typing
What must I do to sleep!?
Richard Grahn Jun 2017
Love at the doorstep
I am here on your doormat
Just ringing your bell
Chikadey Grace Nov 2014
Every time I close my eyes
I see you still by my side
never left nor gone
your life had never worn
every now and again
you visit us from the unknown
you ring our doorbell
which is in a drawer
and sometimes I feel
you are just here
watching over
the girl
the girl who hurts so much
whose life she wished
would disappear
you keep her safe
and she knows you're there
and she isn't hopeless
R.I.P. Gramp

— The End —