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We sat there caressing our coffee cups
Looking into each other's souls
Forgetting everybody, everything, everyone...
Let me cry an ice cream tub full of tears
Let me know what is it like to feel your pain
Let me feel your absence from my arms as we walk
Hurt me

Let me miss you calling me weird insults, lovingly
Let me miss your voice suddenly going high as you say something sweet
Let me feel the wave of missing you upon catching your scent
Hurt me

Let me miss the wave of small breaths you take when you laugh
Let me miss your akwardness when someone compliments you
Hurt me

Let me miss your spontaneous energetic dancing
Let me miss your breath on my face as we get close
Hurt me

Let me miss your taste after freshly applying lip balm
Let me miss the feeling of your fingers running through my hair as I lay on your lap
Hurt me

Let me miss the smile I get upon seeing your name on my phone
Hurt me

Let me miss our moments interspersed
Hurt me

Let me know the feeling of being
alone again
Hurt me
Hurt me
To the person who says she doesn't want to hurt me but I'm ready for the pain
Standing on the balcony, that seems like it was made for you and me
A litte bit drunk, a litte tipsy
None of us knew how magical it would be

Underneath the umbrella that's too small for the both of us
Getting soaked in the rain
A little bit of a fun, a little bit of pain
This girl is driving me insane

Without talking to her, the day seems incomplete
A little bit of ****, a little bit of sweet
This girl makes my heart skip a beat

She is immensely special, if only she could see
A little bit of distance, A little intimacy
These are the moments between me and she
The moments between me and someone special
I want to love
I want to love
I want to live
I want to live
I want to leave
I want to leave
How do the stars feel?
Seemingly close together
Beautiful and bright
Everyone admiring them
Do they feel like me?
A closer look and you'll realise they are lonely
On fire
No one to listen to their pain
Surrounded by darkness
Lost in the middle of nowhere
Moments away from dying
Just almost all burnt out
So I ask you again,
Do they feel like me?
Stars are a master of putting on a facade. It is lonely out in space.
Thewallflowerguy Oct 2020
I have forgotten how I look when I laugh
Did I snort?
Did my eyes become smaller during?
I wonder what I used to do with my hands
Can someone remind me?

I have forgotten how my laughter sounds
Did I take breaths in between?
Was I loud?
Or was it silent?
Like I am now

They say when you laugh you look towards the person you like the most
Is this why I look down?
Is this why I don't laugh anymore?
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