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Keara Marie Jan 8
You're a beautiful kind of madness. A misunderstood truth..
L Jul 2018
No! Let him go!

Scratch at the cage. Scratch and scratch. Away. Got to get away. Dig out. Dig out.

Theyre coming. Sit and hide and wait. Sit and wait and hide. There is no where to hide. No where to go. Need freedom.

Theres nothing you can do that i have not already done to myself. There is nothing you can do that i have not already done to my self. There is nothing you can do. There is nothing you can do.

Away! GET AWAY. its just me. It has to be just me. Just take me. Its me. ME!

There, there. There, there. Its okay. Im here. Im here. Its me. Im me.


Im sorry. Im so sorry. Please let him out. Let him out.
Second-hand misery
brian car Jul 2018
There's a rattlin' in me
Gettin' louder now
What used t'be mel-a-dee
Don't come out of me
Just a rattlin' sound
Just a sh-sh-shakin'

There's a rattlin' in me
Gettin' louder now
Keeps on bangin', won't stop clangin'
Never lettin' me sleep

Yeah, a rattlin' in me
Can't hear nothin', babe
All the way down.
Just a rattlin' sound
A rattlin' at the cage
Are we made of atoms?
Do we truly feel,
or wish to feel?
Do we have one soul mate,
Or do we continue to love?
Many questions without any answers
Leads to the curious discovery of truth.
Is it the truth we wish to find,
Or will we regret finding it?
Curiosity is a mystery,
A mystery without and end
We search the ends of the earth,
For the answer to all.
Some will never find satisfaction,
Others will go mad
Would that make them the Mad Hatter,
Or a psychopathic mind.
Is love crazy?
Or is it crazy not to love?
Why keep searching,
If you'll know if you're wrong?
Eek I hate traffic jams
Busy places
People rushing
I just hate this
huda Jun 2017
you always ask where my sanity went
but don't you realize you're the one
who took it?
Joel Ochoa Nov 2015
In the back of my head i can hear them,
Tiny voices pulling me near them,
Asking me begging me to write these words.
The voices of dead poets all speaking to me at once
Telling me the words they were never able to speak.

Entrusting me with the words that remain unwritten and unknown.
Inside of me i can hear them growing louder and louder and behind each word the feeling, the passion that burned inside of them.

Like so many things in life the only way to silence them is to satisfy them.
So i desperately write until my hands begin to bleed.
Until tears run down my face and trickle onto the page.

When i run out of ink i will use my blood,
I will write and write until i cant anymore
then i will join them...
I will join the voices that once haunted me. I will become the voice that keeps YOU up at night.
I will become that voice that screams in the back of every writers mind.
©Joel Ochoa |Nov.21.2015
Belle Victoria Mar 2015
I used to call them brave, the people who would misbehave
but it was destiny one day I would become like these kids
broken and alone, not feeling loved or happy

the bond between those youngsters was unbreakable
blood is thicker than water is what the old people say
but it in their case the water had won

some people call them tiger stripes
others choose words like battle wounds
you always called it beautiful
but for me it was a curse

something I could never stop
demons whispering in my ear

the devil loves pretending
he always seems to care

and for me that was enough.
I wish one day I could doing what I am doing.
Serenity Elliot Sep 2014
You’re awake,
But trapped in your mind
I was there,
When you left us all, behind
You can’t escape this verdict, no chance,
Everyone knows what you’ve done-
You’re a monster,
But an angel to just some
You’re a monster,
You can’t escape
Just try to run,
Monster,   Monster,   Angel,   Monster,   Monster

In a labyrinth of lies,
Beasts track you in a web of spiders
And the raven flies,
A sign that you’ve arrived

You can hide it from yourself, soldier
But heaven knows your sins
You’re a monster, yes you’ve tried to win-
Monster, try to live within that skin

Monster, Monster, Monster, Monster, Monster

— The End —