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aslı May 9
who has a story.
do you wanna tell.
i am forming. searching for the new.
please reach me.
i want to interview.
bought a mic today.
aslı May 8
there are no affirmations,
only actions.
yet, they are all begging from the universe.
that, doesn't owe them anything.
the motion. only motion and no affirmation.
the fool is begging from the universe. stating that he deserves it.. whatever he want. what did he give to the universe? then why is he asking for something?
aslı May 2
a hard laugh.

sincere and simultaneously.
embodying all emotions. gathering all devotions.
making loneliness meet possibilities on crossroads.
crumbling the possibilities into the facts. that's where reality resides.
yet, some of the emotions are still wanted to be exposed.
that's why humans are there for.
and even when you think you shouldn't reveal,
the nafs tickles.
love interrupts.
one who can make love live,
can make you live.
don't look. most of them are not living. they pretend to be alive for you with terms and conditions.
after all, under normal circumstances,
he who has the funeral business running
should have the greatest professional deformation.
aslı Apr 19
what about the forbidden lovers at quarantine time.
the affairs were never fair.
and only one side named the mess as forbidden love,
only to justify.
oh, little liar.
the married one is with his wife, and the girl is all alone in the night.
he still whispers melancholic love words to her eyes thorough a glass that won't satisfy the lust in her heart.

then a good night message appears like a flash.

“be careful. you can’t go out. don't even try.
i need to sit here with my wife and have my glass of wine.
but ti amo and happy lonely quarantine time.”

wake up, little girl.
aslı Apr 19
did the candle ever get angry at the fire?
lighting again and again in each chapter.
aslı Apr 19
everybody talks about heaven
as if that's the place to make lovin'.
excluding hell,
to run away from the sanction.
but let me put it this way, my friend.
rose belongs to heaven.
thorns are her eternal companion.
aslı Apr 19
a lie.
stealing from the other wing of a dove.
freedom and lie dont belong to each other.
a lie is to control the other.
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