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aslı Apr 3
Is happiness equal to ******* sunshine?
aslı Apr 3
I had lovers from the seven seas, yet everyone sank my ship.
Don’t get offended if I am suspicious of your grip.
I am not used to getting cherished in a heap.
Cause the fleeting attention will always perish.
Leaving a void, which I will try to mend with a clip.  
Too good to be true; it always turns out to be a blue.
aslı Apr 3
Everyone lies a little and dies a little.
aslı Mar 3
I want to fall in love.
So hard and impactful.
That I want to forget myself.
Rebel against death while I lose myself in him.
aslı Aug 2022
Let's talk.
Like two souls encountered in heaven’s teapot.
aslı Jul 2022
Life makes you dream.
Life smashes them.
The constant cycle of the mortal.
That's life.


The sooner you see the thorn in heaven,
the sooner you see the bud of the rose in hell,
and you will be free.

Now, that's life.
aslı Mar 2022
birth was given and therefore you are here.
death is the only certainty that can happen.
the rest is a breeze.
a little bit of spring.
breathing a little bit.
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