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aslı Aug 2022
Let's talk.
Like two souls encountered in heaven’s teapot.
aslı Jul 2022
Life makes you dream.
Life smashes them.
The constant cycle of the mortal.
That's life.


The sooner you see the thorn in heaven,
the sooner you see the bud of the rose in hell,
and you will be free.

Now, that's life.
aslı Mar 2022
birth was given and therefore you are here.
death is the only certainty that can happen.
the rest is a breeze.
a little bit of spring.
breathing a little bit.
aslı Mar 2022
"if you are with the power,” said the imperial  
hanging at the edge of the material alter
you can scream “freedom”
you can even show
dyi molotov cocktails
for every kind of pleasure
at the preferred youtube channel.

"if you are with the club and multinational companies
let's forget the rest,” says the comedian while he was unsure if he was the bait.

screams some
"you must always choose aside
and find some relief in ideology
because we all need some redemption from our ancestors' crime ”

but it's only like the tug battle
rope will be on the floor with the lacerate
which proves that nobody cared about the rope after all.
and somebody will fall down soon.

"if you don't want any power in your affair," said imperial
well, too bad, son
that means your label is a terrorist
your skin color speaks
your freedom scream slips
from the deaf ears

the eyes look
but they never see
aslı Apr 2021
healing is a heart itching.
summary of healing
aslı Mar 2021
I talked with Don Quixote today.
It was a fruitful discussion.
So fruitful that it made my mind go haywire.
At last
I began to think
That the limit of insanity is not in the mind
But in the will.
"Too much sanity may be madness — and maddest of all: to see life as it is, and not as it should be!”
Don  Quixote - Novel by Miguel de Cervantes
aslı Mar 2021
my mood is always the same
love all the way
burn to light
die like the candle with a purpose fulfilled.
candle needs to burn. there is a purpose.
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