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Nights are longer
Without you by my side.
I've realized you moved on
So did I.

I thought this was over,
Those moments have passed.
Every time I think of you,
I'm reminded of the past.
My heart beats faster

I've met others,
None like you.
I don't want a replacement
But I can't have you.

You've met someone new
I bet you're happier.
I envy your ability
To forget about me.

Wishing I've never laid eyes on you,
Forget what we once had,
But no matter what
You'll always have my heart.

I'll forget you ...Eventually.
It's taking longer than expected.
I'm frustrated, hurt, sad, and alone.

I still wake up every morning
A smile on my face,
Living my life to the fullest...
However, I feel hollow inside.

Something is missing,
I know what it is....
Should I acknowledge it?

No, I won't give in
**** doesn't last,
Love is earned
Not made.

He'll come my way,
Give me laughs, smiles, and more.
Look into my eyes,
and never let me go.

Time will tell
What destiny entails.
Night looks pleasant,
Welcoming with open arms.

I'll close my eyes,
Drift to sleep.
Waking up to a better tomorrow,
Or nothing at all.

The sky turns black
My eyes heavy....
It's time..
Take a deep breath...
Forget about eternity.
I think about the things I've done,
The words I've said,
The lies I've told.
Truths I've held,
Loves I've lost.

Looking back at all that's happened,
Late night talks,
Tears I've shed
Hours I've lost,
Minutes I've spared.

Smiles from the lives I've made happier,
Moments I'll never forget
Friends I'll never let go,
Feelings I've had.


Always will be I...
The night is at peace.
The birds are sleeping,
The sun has set...
However my mind keeps racing.


All while I'm still awake.
I think of all the good I've done.
All the people I've helped,
Placed a smile on their faces.
Reassured them.
Loved them.
Given them pieces of my heart and soul.
I think of all the memories I've made.


Then I think of all the bad...
The things I never said.
The times I could have stood up for myself.


I think of the times when I've felt alone.
Wondering if people hated me.
Thinking about how no one would ever love me.


And yet....

It doesn't destroy me.
I may feel alone, unloved, unwanted,
But I know thats not true.

I will find my person someday.
I have my friends and family who

Support me
Notice me
Love me

My worries and fears are like the night sky.
Filled with darkness and silence.

There are still stars that shine bright.
Bright enough to give me hope that the darkness will pass.

Eventually leading to a sunrise..
And the light of a new day.

A new beginning
A brighter beginning

Full of hope
How does it feel
To see the world around you,
Falling in love?
How does it feel,
Attending all their weddings,
Alone and hopeful.

I see them full of light and love,
Smiles and laughter.
I look at myself and wonder,
When will it be my forever after?

I'm waiting for my lasting love,
I thought I've had it before.
But I realized that those were the ones,
That showed what was my worth.

They didn't put in the time,
Didn't make an effort.
I pushed too hard to make it work,
And they always took advantage.

I realized I need someone who will support me
Love me for me.
Does not desire to change me,
But embrace all that I am.
Someone to laugh with,
Cry with,
Share my hopes and dreams.

Right now I feel alone.
Watching as my friends,
Create new lives with their loves.
I'll wait here,
Focus on myself.
Prepare for that one person.
That'll bemy forever
I've been through this before,
You think I won't catch on.
I pay attention,
Its not that hard to see.

One minute you give me the world,
The next you hardly give me a glance.
I make the effort,
You used to do that too.
You give me excuses,
Now we hardly talk.

I knew it was too easy,
Too good to be true.
I was waiting for the other shoe to drop,
And it did.

I'm not going to beg,
I deserve more than a read text.
If you won't put in the effort,
Then neither will I.

I gave you chances,
The benefit of the doubt.
You showed your true colors,
And their nothing but darks.

I thought we clicked,
Felt a spark as we talked.
I opened up to you,
Slowly but surely..
You even stopped
No longer cared
Now we're here.

I thought we could have been more,
But I deserve a better man.
A man who makes the effort,
And manages their time.
I tried with you,
I really did....

I don't care for liars,
Despise dishonesty.
You can lie to my face,
But I knew you were a liar.

There's nothing more to give,
I doubt we'll talk again.
Those sweet words,
As empty as the air.

Don't bother now,
I started moving on from you.
Tomorrow will be a new day,
And a new possibility for love.
This fire inside,
Burns deep within my soul.
It leaves ashes behind,
Of the love we once knew.
The memories that once were,
Fade like a dream..
As if it had never happened...
Just like you never existed.

But you were once here.
I laid in your arms,
Kissed those lips,
And fell for your heart.
What is left is not enough,
I'll keep begging for more.

I know there's no use,
You'll never return.
My soul will keep searching,
Missing the other half that was you.
Wishing you'd have stayed,
Or loved me once more.

I can't remember you're face,
Can't picture your smile.
Imagine your kisses,
Or remember your laughter.

You walked away much sooner
Than you came,
I don't blame you at all.
Next time I think of you,
I'll just see stars.

Your face is fading,
Your hold on my heart too,
However, my love for you burns on,
Even as ash hits the floor.
The ash eventually piles up,
Comes together as one.
Builds itself up, and return once more.

I loved you once,
And still continue to do.
But I'll continue to burn,
If I get to close to you.
The fire will live,
Like a somber candlelight.
As long as I don't feel or touch
Everything will be alright.
Let's take a minute,
Look at yourself in the mirror.
Look at your eyes,
do they shine?
Does your smile look straight?
Are your ears too wide?
Is your nose too big?

Move down a bit.
Your neck to thick?
Too many sunspots?
Adequate chest size?

Now look at your body.
Do I have enough curves?
Big enough hips?
Tiny waist?

No matter what I see,
Someone will find a flaw.
It doesn't matter how much weight I gain
Or how much I lose...
How much plastic surgery I have,
They are never satisfied.

Does it matter what they think?
Can you live your life without them?
Why not love yourself,
And see how that goes.

Self love is important,
You are all you got.
Before you can love someone else,
You must love yourself.

Someday someone will love you,
For your quirks and kinks.
They'll call you beautiful,
And forget about your flaws.

You deserve more than a second glance.
Someone will come your way.
Be patient and love yourself
You don't know who will come your way.
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