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  Mar 2016 Joel Ochoa
The abysm of the unbodied Infinite;
A fathomless zero occupied the world.
A power of fallen boundless self awake
Between the first and the last Nothingness,
Recalling the tenebrous womb from which it came,
Turned from the insoluble mystery of birth
And the tardy process of mortality
And longed to reach its end in vacant Nought.
As in a dark beginning of all things,
A mute featureless semblance of the Unknown
Repeating for ever the unconscious act,
Prolonging for ever the unseeing will,
Cradled the cosmic drowse of ignorant Force
Whose moved creative slumber kindles the suns
And carries our lives in its somnambulist whirl.
                                         --By Sri Auro,Book I,Canto I
Joel Ochoa Mar 2016

A little bored just having some fun.
Joel Ochoa Mar 2016
She says: What surprised me most was that he matched me. He wasn't intimidated by my ferocity, my intensity, my deep dark desires. When our lips touched, the world filled with a silence that left only the sound of our satisfaction. I stared deep into his captivating eyes as we devoured each other, him finding places that had been untouched and he stared right back with the same power. His hands searched my skin, grabbed at my curves, kissed my body until my back arched. As he ****** inside of me and I moaned with every pleasure, we moved naturally, in sync, heartbeats racing as sweat began to fill the few crevices where our skin didn't touch. My body responds to his movements, to his breath, and every single push inside of me. Our breathing gets lost with one another until we are one body completely enveloped in a high that can't be matched. The high is delicious, *****, and euphoric. There's nothing scarier than being addicted to someone. His lips on mine, hands pulling at my hair forcing me deeper into a kiss I know will lead to our tangled bodies. Yet, within our tangled bodies we find our most animalistic instincts; we find our most wild freedom, and drunk off his lips, we reach that high.

He said She said is a two part original  poem about a man and woman who share a deep infatuation with one another. Hope you all enjoy....
Joel Ochoa Mar 2016
He said she said-
.... everytime she turned around and looked at me with those glazed eyes I didn't want to let her leave. Eyes full of passion, desire, dreams. It felt like I could see the world in her eyes. She walks into my car eyes fixated on me the entire time. The sound of the car door slamming shut lets me know my fantasy has begun. It's like that dream you have over and over again, I know what happens next.  I could tell by the way her mouth pounced for my upper lip that she was a dominant one. She was rough and raw and ready. A lioness among kittens she was. The other girls where simply just that, girls. When I'm with this woman though my body just responds to her every touch, to her every kiss.  Its never long before one hand leads to the other, and her lips find their way around me because we have finnaly found our love again ;we complete each other. We burn in that raging fire that is love and enjoy each second of it. It's a wicked dangerous game we play but her and I walk the same path. We were opposite sides of the same spectrum making our way to each other with every touch, kiss, and ****. The way she straddled me feeling those thighs clutched tight along my side, nails digging deep into the dermis of my skin. I would bite her neck and chest leaving marks all over her body and her on mine. It was always rough and always passionate, and it didn't take me long before I realized I was looking in a mirror. I had finally found someone just like me. It was enough to make any man confuse the feeling with  love; and thats exactly what it was..

He said She said is a two part original  poem about a man and woman who share a deep infatuation with one another. Hope you all enjoy....
Joel Ochoa Mar 2016
I do not fear to be alone for i have been alone all my life before i met you, and i will be alone all my life after you.

But oh what a great feeling companionship is, thank you for that.
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