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brian car Jul 2018
There's a rattlin' in me
Gettin' louder now
What used t'be mel-a-dee
Don't come out of me
Just a rattlin' sound
Just a sh-sh-shakin'

There's a rattlin' in me
Gettin' louder now
Keeps on bangin', won't stop clangin'
Never lettin' me sleep

Yeah, a rattlin' in me
Can't hear nothin', babe
All the way down.
Just a rattlin' sound
A rattlin' at the cage
brian car Jul 2016
Sitting in a café waiting t̶o̶ ̶d̶(̶l̶i̶v̶e̶)̶i̶e̶. There is dogfood art on the wall and I’ve got nice coffee from a barista [Barbie] with tattoos. Pull in one [a(?)] direction already. Like a kite in a park with no kid attached. Gone, going, past. Compliments are t̶o̶o̶ ̶c̶h̶e̶a̶p̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶f̶e̶e̶l̶  valuable these days. “All the girls drink for free.”

“****. ****. FuckFuckFuck.”

*******. Drink your sweet, dark-cherry stained lips. Dead eyes masked in mascara masquerading as more. “Bought with bourbon and goes down easy.”

Commodify, objectify, consume. Transactional romance drives a BMW.
brian car Mar 2016
The systematic destruction of Tradition--in the name of Efficiency
Leads to the rationalization of everything.
For Modernity demands a piece of our humanity
Our unsolvable self.
The Mysterious is relentlessly chased, trapped, and murdered by Reason at every corner.
As she dies, The World becomes a predictable, hollowed out version of Herself
A disenchanted goddess, a solved sunset.
brian car Dec 2015
Poison pushing tendrils flickering
Dogs will eat their own when left alone
Trust, the vile that rots

Anger, want, loss
Heaven tastes like hell when it's gone
Collapsing down, pushing and digging. Insides out.
My dream set free
I always loved you
I always loved you
brian car Aug 2015
Bells and all assorted pings.
Melodic melancholy meticulously mesmerizing me.
A baritone bleeds out across the flickering walls, intoxication festering with(in).
"Where have you been?"
A bed of boards, a few more knots, remains oddly comfortable.
Rhythmic ripples dig into the woodwork  gripping and grafting, fibrously.
Sinking out of me, in my time.
A little more letting, a little less me.
The cracks running with what's in
b e t w e e n.
brian car Jul 2015
There's a recorded thunderstorm rolling across my head,
While The National seeps through muffled speakers hidden in the corner.
Somehow the pieces are coming together
And I'm reminded of Ohio summer.
Iced Americanos, cracked windows, steady breeze.
brian car Jul 2015
“Trust me,” it says.

Momma never let the kids in. Daddy never came home. The dog won’t stop barking. There is no help for the graceful kids at the wishing well. The grass keeps growing, but where has all the water gone?

//follow me down the rver, past the trees wthout wnd in ther sals. There are rocks there to buld a shelter together. The place where love lves.

— The End —