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Nameless May 2014
{Some are born mad}

{Some achieve madness}

{Some have madness ****** upon them}
Luke Gagnon  Feb 2013
Luke Gagnon Feb 2013
First things first,
you’ll have to remove your hat and
the plank strapped to your limbs.
Your body will be used to thumb-wrestle with

Please remove the staples from your chest.
Find your new set of lungs.
There is space to breathe here.
Take this new heart.
You’ll beat slower, suspended.
Circadian rhythms will not help you.

Your body will become a willow in a storm,
never breaking.
There are no mistakes here.

You’ll learn to drink silence for sustenance,
washed down with madness and tepid water.
You’ll learn to compensate for lacking conversation, hold secret meetings
in the basement of your mind.
You’ll learn how to disappear in a room.

No matter how hard you pound against walls
they remain padded,
concealed behind billowing drapery.
No one will hear you.

But, you’ll fit in fine.
You’ll stretch your skin as a tattooed leotard.
You won’t grow up,
You’ll grow inward
fortifying your lungs with weeds.
L’appel du vide, your distinctive urge to jump down from
high places will be quelled
by the grace in lifting.

Take respite,
There is nothing left to destroy here.
There are no checkpoints to neglect.
There is no need to be a hero.

you’re not convinced this is so much better.
Christmas  trees
Stana Claus


What  is it all for.?
Irony  Aug 2015
Irony Aug 2015
Madness? he laughed
a sip of tea
madness is not a thing,
nor a he, nor a she
if i could show you would you see.
if you could just let me be.

madness? he laughed
a sip of tea
yes madness is a thing,
that me nor you can see.
it is she
it is he
it loves me
don't you see?

with all my hairs,
and all my wits
i am proun to madness
in its bitts

i take a chunk and sip the tea
yes madness is he nor she.
if i could show you would you see?

that madness is he nor she
that madness is me
in all my entirety

so you ask,
madness? he laughed.
a sip of tea

yes madness is mad
and i am half
ready and willing
to sip off the tea

if only you could see
that he is me
and me is he
you would know

you would see
that madness is *key
Nathaniel Nov 2011
Tangible sin, its what i'm looking for
let the rants and raves begin
cause tongues of fire can never settle
for a one line poem or a break in tone
they need the blood red of wine in their glass
these aristocrats drinking from the lower class
we are far too outspoken to speak of silence
that's something only the seculars teach
Maddness, now there's an idea i can get behind
Imagine ideas like countries
nuclear weapons at their highest state of alert
what we believe is what we once held true
and whose finger is this on the trigger?
then eventually, yes
the tyrants will get voted into office
doing away with terms and treaties of old
eventually you'll get two shoes per person
as you read your generation's scripture like truth
from the nearest stall bathroom wall
for a good time call, God
cause he doesn't charge you per hour
well, only on sunday mornings nine to noon
but for everlasting life who wouldn't drink that elixir?
just one more broken promise
cause Buddha told me i'd be back again
back again to serve in the same platoon of freedom fighters
Meenu Syriac Sep 2014
In tears, she thought to seek her prize,
Only to know in them she knew life.
Alone she wept, her dreams kept watch
Mid summer's night meant little to her now.

Set sail long ago,
Now in the middle of an ocean,
On a boat, sailing into the unknown
To chase dreams, she left home
Now, silence her true companion.

In chaos, her mind revels,
Reality obscured, between deception of sorts.
Damnation due, on a silver plate
The truth hurts to a heart living in fear.

Slowly fading, wrapped in darkness
Strangely comforting,
Drowning in black waters.
Silence maddening,  
Shadows soaring,
Her song is all that's heard.
©Meenu Syriac
Stop the maddness
Let’s stop the madness 

Doesn’t anyone care to know?

That politics and the inability to see one another 
As humans

Can lead to a final blow?

Bombs may fall

Guns may fire

We were all raised by parents so differently
Society needs a translator 

To stop the madness and end unneeded brawls 
To understand how another was brought up and forced to live 
Outside of our own fenced up understandings 

And misguided beliefs 

Can we not tear these walls down 
And to learn how to give?

Hope instead of threats?

The end of stubbornness and greed?
So , We , as a world of people, not nations

Can band together and ask for and give another help?

Or shall we **** the human race through egos? 
That feel that they must be right?

And smoke and ashes fill our future generations sights?
Josh C DeWees Oct 2013
The sickly slice
The perfection maddening
The perfect spray
Erupting with beauty
Maddness pure and simple
The symmetry of crazy mind
My brothers anarchy and chaos
Simple Symmetry
Ran wildly across your body
More Symmetry
I need more
Don't leave just yet
You can't take the reapers hand
Not until im done
I won't let you
Slicing maddness
Entire limb loss
Goodbye old friend
May you rest in *pieces
Obassi Bholai Dec 2018
I tend to do this unforgiving
method of maddness when it comes to writing
I'll start and stop, repeating onto new work
unfinishing the last.

incomplete as each piece may be,
the brain is scattered
lost and afraid, it'll never feel the same way.
connected to what new beginnings
may be.
Ashton  Jul 2016
Ashton Jul 2016
     Escape maddness
             Screams the mad man
                     Who knows no insanity
Emily Jones Nov 2015
Down the rabbit whole dear Alice
With all your bobs and lace
Take heed fair beauty the fruminous peril at hand
Beyond in this rational land
Dont fear sweet maiden in the world of pomp and paradox
You'll find you truely thrive
For what is living if you dont feel alive!
Where Cheshire smiles and cat call lads
Label and obtuse
You are uniquely you
Unruley hair and all
Just becareful my love on how hard you fall.
skaldspiller Jul 2014
I feel consistently unwanted
Always afraid
That I’m really worth only
The time someone pays
And when they stop giving
My worth plummets down
I know this is flawed
But it makes a deafening sound
Like so much screaming
Like midnight fights
I’m left in the foray
In the dark of the night
I hate being lonely
I hate how my mind
Turns against me in dreams
How good days it grinds
With one lost moment
It ruins good pace
And I go crazy
Seeing things out of place
Emily Jones Dec 2013
I see fire
Inside your soul
The ache of distances
Bleeding passion into movement
The wide eyed terror of not
Being there
To see you wake
To share the shaking agony of lonely
Longing to taste your breath

The night burns with the smolder
Of your love
Raw skin
Relishing the intensity of devotion
Of lost time
Shaking on the afterglow of starlight
Disolving me once more
Glazed eyed and clinging
Clenching the stuttering maddness that has possessed my heart.
Only to have you fall

Leaving you behind
The night chokes my breath
And I drown in the wake of fear

Breaking heart to the shadow of chilled sheets
****** to dream of love
To hear the tinkling laughter of memory
Where you walk
Standing in all your glory arms open
Lips cracking that ****** cocky smile
That brings me to my knees

I fall into the flame
Of resentment
I hate you
Just a little in your ability
To smite me with love
To shake me down to the echoing void
Where all I feel is the loss of you
It eats away the corner of my sanity

I can't think without the your image
Name or memory
Touching the most intimate integral parts
The bits that are hidden from the main line thought process
You infect me with love
And hang me

With my own hands on the despair of absence
Where I would do anything
Say anything
Take anything
To touch
Or be
Where you are.

You wreck me
Running headlong
Into the wall

— The End —