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*******'re really dying huh?

no no no no no no no no no no non onno no...

alex dont leave me

dont leave us.

we love you so ******* much

we need you?


we need you.

i hope youre well.

you'll be in a better place.

i dont want you to die.
for: alex <3
Sabila Siddiqui Feb 2020
Did your body not warn you
before you were wrung dry?

The day you found yourself depleted,
the nights that lead upto it became fragile,
your cell heavy as they were heaved onto the bed.

Did you not listen to your body,
when you woke up with a heavy chest
and your body begged you to sleep?

Did you not acknowledge your heart
when it had become
a black hole the night before
as it ****** you out in.
Your bones like gravestones
prominent among the barren skin.

Did the suffocating dark matter
not ring louder
as you gasped for air with burnt lungs.

When you stood there overworked,
with signals mixed and sensitive
rewired and tangled
did the response fit their norm of you?

Did your voice not thud,
with the lump in your throat?
Did your heart not pound
against your ribcage,
your stomach not curdle
with that war in your chest,
as your mind raced
and your chest pressured as you tried
to clutch that breath?

Did your hormones
not muddle with your thoughts?
Did they not drown them in depths
and set them on fire all at once?
Did it not ache your muscles
before it all turned red?

Did your body not scream
when they came near?
Your feet cemented,
as your body froze?
Did your gut not twist
till you felt nauseous?

Did your toes not curl
when the feeling sunk
through your spine,
sat in your bones
like an unwanted guest,
and you like an unwilling host?

Did you not feel the chill
shiver down your spine
as terror spread across your face
and painted it white
before the quake came?

Did you not acknowledge
your body is the vessel
that you kept giving and pushing
depleting it of the right to rest
rather than opening
it to the abundance of love
it was surrounded by.

Your body became over extended,
your mind became forgetful
a body that is now a red flag;
- SabilaSiddiqui ©
Joel M Frye Apr 2019
the shape changes
depending upon
from the bottom,
an oak leaf,
from one side a butterfly,
from the other a fist.
they have pictures
in color and in sepia
which speak to them
with different interpretations.
one sees a scar,
one sees growth.
they all agree
     it's a part of me
     it doesn't belong to me
     it came from they don't know where.
it's been cut
it's been shot
it's been exposed to radiation
it's been poisoned
it will not die

rasputin lives in my right lung!
Day 13, NaPoWriMo.  Something mysterious and/or spooky.
K Balachandran Oct 2018
Koel’s song merges with
Musky scent of mango bloom;
My heart lunges up!
Kivanc Jun 2018
water is entering to our lung,
our tongue sourish, we are drunk.
our souls shape due to command,
killing follows after cause one want.
why your heart rejects beating,
and pitifulness watching us all the night?
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
Grow up,

Don't burn up.
"Smoking is bàd for health
Tabitha Sep 2017
Time passes by
Still I try
Hold time still
Here without you
It's so unreal.

Dark, sad and empty....
I want, I hope, I wish, I dream
I need you back with me.

Stop, I'm lost.
Is there somewhere to go?
Are you there?
YOUR life, WAS life, NO life,
Your nowhere.

What's the point?
Without you its hard to care.
Empty times four,
This isn't how it's supposed to be!
**** everybody, goin' crazy.
Lets start over.
Unexpected. Can I get a warning?

Are you down or up?
Or is it up or down?

Me and sis equals two, plus....
Minus you;
My world has
Crashed to the ground.

Attract opposites,
Opposites attract
You've gone up,
Are you watching me shoot down?
Deep hole,
Down size,
It's a downfall
And I fell down fast
But I'm still falling,
How long will this last?
Don't say FOREVER,
Obviously that's not true
It's not a lie,
Cause FOREVER I'll miss you.

Pain makes you hurt
So hurt equals pain.
Memories are made to remember,
Remembering drives me insane.

What good is a question you can't answer?
And who's to blame?
Was it me?
She thinks it was her....
Maybe it was him.
I guess its irrelevant
And answers are cheap.
Your still gone
Absent filled with a blank
I'm still here
Without you
I'm incomplete.
I wrote this poem 7 years ago after my mom....My one true best friend died 3 days after she was diagnosed of stage 4 Lung Cancer. My Mom actually kept the fact that she had cancer from my younger sister and I. We thought she was sick with the flu.... Thats what she told us for her reasons why she was going to the hospital every other day. Had I known.... I would have spent every last minute with her. I didn't know though, So I only spent the last 2 hours of her life beside her hospital bed with her.... I remember it all just like it was yesterday..
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