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pnam Feb 21
I am sending you a picture of mine
Wish I could color it in your new glow?
Keep me in beautiful divine eyes of thine
How else will I bear few days apart so slow?

Hindi -Translation

Aapko aaj ki ek tasveer bhej raha hoon
Kash mein usse aapke naye rangon mein rangoon?
Aapki haseen nigahon mein sada deedar rahoon
Kuch aur dinon ka yeh intezhar kaise sahoon?
pnam Feb 21
Every morning begins with you in my mind
When you are not with me O my sweetheart
Every night in my dreams you be so kind
To wish those dreams stay and never depart

Hindi - Translation
Bus aapki yaad se shooru hoti hai har subah
Jab nahi rahte ** paas mere, mere dil-rooba
Aate raho har raaton ke khawabon mein sahi
Aarzoo meri un khwabon se na jaagoon kabhi !
pnam Feb 14
My love you taught me how to love
Feeling of love, that this heart showed
How many colors you spill, of love?
Reason for my love, you then asked?

Without you this life is so incomplete
Now when I realize how far away love was
Sheltering me in your heart such a treat
As beads of  love strung tenderly in gauze

At times  self-love seeks love from a stranger
At times a few moment with a loving heart is enough
At times to feel a heart dearer one has to live farther
In serendipity we met in love, leave me never in a huff

Think and despair not my cherished beloved
Must I say your love was so wondrous
I promise to be with you now and always beloved
You asked, I say all your concerns are needless


Hindi LanguageTranslation

Mere Humdum..

Pyaar aapne hume karna jo siklaya
Pyaar ka ehsas is dil ko jo diklaya
Kitne pyaar ke rang chalkathe hain aap?
Phir Pyaar ki vajah poochate hain aap?

Yeh zindagi to aapke bina adhuri thi
Ab maalum hua pyaar thak kitni doori thi
Aashiyana aapne dil mein basa kar hume diya hai
Pyaar ke har lamahe chun ke is dil ko piroya hai

Khud ko chaahne ke liye kabhi gairon ka pyaar chahiye
Dil ki nazdhikyon ke liye kabhi dooriyon ka ehsas chahiye
Kabhi chand lamhay kaafi hain aap jaise dil walon ke saath
Ittifaaq se milay ** meharbaan kabhi na chodna mera haath

    Bus Itna ab na sochiye mere jane-mehboob
    Dekhiye pyar kiya aapne bhi bahut khoob
    Zindagi aapke saath vada hai mere hum-safar
    Har sawalon ka jawab diya humnay aap rahe  be-fikar
pnam Feb 2
Every mile on the highway
Brings me closer to your heart
Your sweet smile in mind stay
Across roads as tumbleweeds dart
Yet many more miles to your way
But always it brings me to the day
I saw you first my sweetheart !
pnam Nov 2020
Your touch so missed
As I lay and time ticked
Restless heart aching
For you in the morning
Tossing unable to sleep
Thoughts diving deep
Your love stirred in melody
And then it sets me free!
when the feeling of love sets you free then it is a true joyous love
pnam Nov 2020
2020 Thanksgiving

On this season of Thanksgiving
I thank God almighty and you
For love feelings only you bring
Days weeks and months we flew
Over lands of joy and delights
Trepidation but with conviction
Love angels holds string to kites
Storms rain snow it stops to none
Today we celebrate sublime moments
Time may cease the somatic sense
Tomorrow howbeit sunshine or torrents
For eternity our love forever mense
So in this season of Thanksgiving
I thank again God almighty and you
For soulmate melodies only you string
Eternal bonds of love so true
Feeling thankful
pnam Jun 2020
Feeling the fresh scent of the early new morning rain
Dawn sunlight diffusing through dark clouds in vain

Gentle drizzling rain drops percussion all over  my face
Must be your loving envelop in supple caressing embrace

Drenching in your love one rain drop at a time in silence
Tender breeze of fragrance causing me to sense your presence

Rhythmic steps of morning run wishing it doesn't end
Your thoughts in mind many love notes yet to comprehend

Feeling the fresh scent of the early new morning rain
Gentle drizzling rain drops falling for you again and again
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