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pnam 21h
Restless hearts in timeless rhythms
Intimate emotions trapped in prisims
Takes flight to rainbow in horizon
Unchains hearts in passionate union
pnam Feb 6
Waking up everyday with your love in me so flushed
Wishing your love stays full and so blessed
As  fresh as on the day with trepidation my love  I  expressed
And your love you unconditionally to me fortunately offered
pnam Feb 5
Ever since we met
Dawn till sunset
You on my mind

Ever since our kiss
All the time I miss
Love feelings remind

Ever since our embrace
Closeness I reminisce
To see you bis
Counting days to bliss
Feb 5 2020
To see you bis (again)
  Feb 4 pnam
You are always roaming on my mind,
Like a cloud swarms down from heaven!
You are always rambling in my routine,
Like an addicting drug that has been given!!
  Jan 30 pnam
I wish there was such a place where
Every sundown we both could meet
Let our love expand as the deep blue sea
Under open blue sky we could breathe free
We could then sit under the shed of green tree
Far from all where nothing could come between you and me!!
pnam Jan 13
Roses are red violets are blue
In the depths of my heart it will always be you
Time will shine sweet memories this love grows
Unique connection between us silently echoes
Jan 12, 2020
  Jan 12 pnam
Perhaps I never thought of before, but now I feel like
Residing in your heart, if I may have your permission
Amazing feelings wonder, what would happen ahead
Deep inside of my heart, memory of you overflows
Everlasting trust awakens, tell me you feel the same
Eternal love exists or not, just tell me once
Pursuit of happiness begins here, just tell me once
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