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Skywlkr Feb 5
Mabey We are in this Together,
But I Hope it Dont Last Forever,
Standing On Someone Else's Feet Well............ NEVER!
But Thank You All For Making Me Feel Better.
I've "RED" So Many Poems,.. And,
I've "BLUE" So Many Sighs,.. And Behind Your Words Feel Your Cries
But Together Known or Not we All Face the Same Demise So Really We should Stand Together Thank you For Making Me Feel Better....................,,,,, **
Ive noticed so much since being on this site that even though I struggle alone I'm not the only one in the same ****** fight lol learning so much of how to find an escape from u all
pk tunuri Feb 2018
Try to make someone smile
Those smiles will stay for a while

Try to make someone cry
Those tears will utter a goodbye

Try to think twice
Before it costs you a price
Sometimes in life, it is nice to make someone happy but with or without knowledge, we do make someone cry. Think twice before hurting anyone.
I stole some underwear on a whim
but also cuz I didn't have much money
more than most tho

Someone told me they stole cheese

People put avocados through as potatoes cuz they're not affordable

I knew someone who paid for about a third of the bras they took and stole the rest so that they would be a more affordable price

Maybe things shouldn't be cheaper but wages should definitely be higher.

Our hospital is dying with the people within,
the concrete flakes like dying skin.

We spend $3billion dollars on defence annually.
I saw 'we' when I never chose that, I would never agree to it.
They say 'defence' when it's an imperialist war project by the West.

I wonder whose suffering is propping up whose suffering and
how all that suffering is propping up someone else's profit.

I wonder how sufferers might forge some sense of solidarity
and overthrow the poor mongers, the war mongers together.
New Zealand has some of the lowest wages and highest living costs
wave Jan 2015
The lonesome Ness
ends best
when friends are laughing
by a tale

Told once to myself
in my head,
when renounced
and spread

the boring
for moments on end,
I visit as servant
Are we only as cool as our friends tell us we are?  Actions speak louder than words.  Find your ONE, and never let it go...

— The End —