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There, in the
tide pool, dappled by
the sun, is birth and death,
and the spark that continues.
It leaves mankind in a wake of regret.
What have I to do with the albatross
Or sea lion?
I can but write, while they fly and roar.
I gaze upon the Pacific from this rock,
all its mysteries and grandeur.
I am inferior, while it forever reigns with every wave and break of light.
On my windowsill,
of that indigo night
you took me,
and I haven't
been the same since.

Something about you
makes me want to
be a better man.
I've grown wings,
so I take to the sky.
Mists. Street lamps lights
are a tug lighting. A moored ship: closed estate.
The crew is sleeping. What are their dreams?

Harbor siren is mute. The world has already shrunk.
News from the neighborhood are arriving.
From very far. From another dimension.
I love you, but
not enough to *******.
What is that about?
Loveless marriage is
something I never heard
until you said something
about possibility and I cooled
towards red hot poker ***.
Now we both **** ourselves
like monkeys in a monkey tree.
I stand naked in a strange light
in my bathroom in the mirror
looking 35 but I'm 79 so what
magic does a young lover cast?
She thinks I'm moon and sun.
At death's door I've just begun.
I just want to keep skin intact
so I'm not a circus freak show.
I'll sprout again
  like stubborn sin.
  Kiss me goodbye
  but I'll refuse to die.
  I haunt your heart
  and I won't depart.
  I am a forever stain,
  I won't leave again.
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