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Skimming and scanning
the grammar of the riverbank’s
brown leaf, new shoot syntax
a bold type wren,
like the old bouncing ball of singalongs,
led my eye to read the waterline
and yet I still couldn’t discern
if smiles or tears were written
while the branch tips still scribed
i like guys...
but i also like girls
i dont know
how could i not

the soft curves and delicate touch
my favorite lipstick, just can't get enough
the sweet perfume
and her lighting up the room
the long legs and mischievous smile
feeling things that took a while
to fully process and realize
that i cannot continue living lies

now don't get me wrong
i still like men
but i can't resist  
my cravings for them
still figuring things out
Mark Lecuona Jan 2015
I don’t know if I wander about in your dreams
I just can’t decide if I’d rather be rumor or fact
I feel like a silent movie with a broken light
I need to know my audience so I know how to act

I had a pain like something serious in your chest
It felt like I should call a doctor but it’s not that bad
Most times I forget it ever happened
But this time it lingered and made be sad

It’s too bad we can’t tune our life up like a guitar
We get stretched and left in a corner somewhere
But in the right hands we can make magic again
It’d be easy if we could just find someone to care

I think I need to start by not thinking about happy
It’s a goal but at the same time it’s just too much
Why does life always have to be a project anyway?
The only way to get there is to lighten our touch

— The End —