Enandin Feb 7

That cat on the couch
Is a terrible slouch
Sleeping half of the day
Ginger ears twitching away
Waiting for someone who'll play.

© Copyright SE February 2017

Enandin Feb 6

A chicken was laying an egg
While perched on the side of a keg
The egg bounced on the floor
Then it rolled out the door
Where it cracked and out popped a leg

The egg stood up nice and tall
Recovering now from its fall
It walked round the yard
Trying to look really hard
Then it climbed up onto the wall

"That's where we sit"
Said the hens in a fit
"Well I was here first"
The little egg cursed
And that is the truth of it.

© Copyright SE February 2017

The old conundrum
Enandin Feb 6

Kirsty O’Connor offered her honour
Little Tom Toffer honoured her offer
In no time at all he was quickly upon her
And all through the night he was off her and on her
As morning was dawning
In that fresh bright light
From the depths of deep sleep
Came smug smiles of delight
Ms O’Connor's honour was a goner Your Honour
While Tom Toffer never got a better offer.

© Copyright SE February 2017

From an old joke
Enandin Feb 4

There was a sneaky wee mouse
All alone in a creepy wee house
Scratching about on the stair
Wishing somebody was there
Somebody he could scare
Screaming and pulling their hair
Or jumping up on a chair
He loved all that
And being chased by the cat
But that dopey wee mouse
Chose a haunted wee house
And when something went bump in the night
It was the mouse that was getting a fright.

© Copyright SE February 2017

Enandin Feb 4

She came like a thief in the night
Whispering words of delight
She went down on her knees
Not trying to please
But to make us both the same height.

© Copyright SE February 2017

Enandin Feb 2

My Auntie Elsie
Went to Chelsea
To see the flower show
But she pricked her nose
On a fragrant rose
She thought she’d like to grow.

© Copyright SE February 2017

Enandin Feb 1

A brave little haggis called Gus
Set off on a trip to Luss
But he wound up in Troon
Lying upside doon
Cos he fell asleep on the bus.

© Copyright SE February 2017

From a little trip to the west coast
Enandin Jan 16

There was an Italian vicar called Dennis
Who loved nothing more than playing tennis
He was a demon on Court
No quarter could be bought
Against Dennis the tennis menace from Venice

(You never had a prayer - out there)

© Copyright SE January 2017

It makes me smile :)
Enandin Oct 2016

Uncle Fester
Went to Chester
Visiting the zoo
But he met a kangaroo
That  hopped off with his shoe
What was he to do?
Now he was hopping too.

Enandin Oct 2016

The force was strong in her
Like a blast of fresh chilled air
Biting my throat
Ripping through my coat -
I never had a prayer
(And little did I care)

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