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Naomi Mar 2020
I push from the middle to take flight,
The World's weight dissipates
My mood shifts
And joy washes over.

Memories stretch so far,
I taste past freedoms.
Greedily, I devour


My face blissful
I am connected with my girlhood.
I love my bike.
My favourite mode of transportation, my bicycle.
Sky Aug 2018
as the bus pulls along the lazy river on Main,
a slouching mind and pressed cheek is a swimmer,
dipping toes

and meanwhile
the gentle murmur of pool-goers living inaudibly,
like hunched bunches
in shawls of shade

(interrupted only
by the occasional l-urch)

nodding, nodding
off and on and off and
into the water,
the swimmer slips in

Here, it is heaven on earth

an oasis

and the mind swims ever so far
ever so deep

i wonder...

and outside
a boy, barefoot
runs upstream

a shimmering second
an apparition of summer?
and out of sight
please help revise and improve! <3
dina Jun 2018
chimneys and cobbles
from a long time ago
decorating this city
the place that we know
like the back of our hands
traced with blue lines
matching the transportation
the stops drooping with vines
plants rich with rainwater
that drips from the sky
a sky gray like concrete
dotted with birds that fly by
looking for a warmer vacation
with a sun that can shine
strong enough for imposing clouds
they're looking, but i've found mine
i'm really enjoying writing poems about places that i've been before
makes me want to go back desperately!
Michelle Argueta Feb 2018
delayed, service changed
we are the trailblazers
struggling through stone and soil
and motor oil slicks,
slip on the gap

we are the city rats,
scurrying between streets,
along rails that could **** us
and that have.
service changes, trains collide
we take deep breaths, and swipe,

we cant swim so we'll slide
through sunken subway lines.
at show time we'll roll our eyes
but smile on the sly.
we're in this **** together
so delays aside, we ride.
today i was reading one of those "poetry in motion" poems and for once it was actually about the subway. the subway is one of those things that's as ******* infuriating as it is mindblowingly amazing. the only reason i was able to post this so soon is bc the train i was on stopped service half way and threw us onto some shuttles. i dont really know where im going. see what i mean?
Chelsea Krona Sep 2017
It was born small,
A drop of water in a tub of oil,
But the inevitable happened:
It grew,
It engulfed me,
Like an infinite sclera.

A distorted mirror,
Some part of me
Knew it was false,
But the tendrils of transformation
Restrained me, It hurt,
But it was also pure ecstasy.

Now I cannot reject its pleasure,
I now know who I am,
The tendrils guided me,
At a small cost of ignorant bliss,
I now know who I am,
I am Chelsea Krona.
EVIL rides in SUVs with the windows all blacked out.

HONOR                drives a plug in car that leaves no resdue behind.

APATHY rides in secondhand Nissans with the clear coat
                                flaking off.

CELEBRATION rides in limos with open tops for standing up in.

TRAGEDY            rides in a long black hearse with all the horses
                                under the hood.

BRAVERY drives a bright red Moped that cuts in and out of

POVERTY must ride the bus in a much too long commute.

ARROGANCE drives an escalade that’s the fourth left turn on a

BOREDOM drives a station wagon missing the left rear

PANIC        races in the family car where panting and blowing
                              isn't helping.

HAPPINESS       drives almost anything with a baby in the back

MACHO ­       drives a Ford F350 with wheels even bigger than
                               his ego.

MELTING *** preens in a souped-up Chevy that dances like a
                                hip-hop star.    

PRETEEN       rides a bicycle and dreams of a Mustang.

YOUTH      hauls *** in a Jeep Wrangler with the rag top

MIDLIFE CRISIS  rides a Harley in a group of seven on weekends.

OLD AGE    drives slowly in an ’83 Chrysler Imperial that
                           won't fit in the parking spaces.

LOVE   floats along on hopes and dreams and has no
                          need of wheels.

A white SUV.
Why won't this site put up the write in the format I posted.  I press Save and the structure is totally rearranged.  Makes me crazy.
Cody Haag Jul 2016
The moon's glow holds nothing special tonight,
As someone so brilliant glimmers before my eyes.
It is captivating the way green eyes sparkle in moonlight,
The way rosy lips lightly release quiet sighs.

I am transported to other places, when there I gaze,
And you remain at my side wherever I roam.
You peel away the pain that has lingered like a haze,
Deciding that you will never leave me alone.

And on quiet nights, when there are no sounds in the air,
My mind wanders to the holder of my love.
Ponders green eyes that mesmerize as they stare,
Invalidating the glowing moon above.

I close my eyes on those quiet nights, and you appear,
Existing beside me to calm my shaking form.
Your embrace vanquishing my fear,
Calming this tumultuous storm.
I love you, Michael.
Jason Cole Apr 2015
you can take all your aeroplanes
dump 'em all in the deep blue sea
said you can take all them aeroplanes
dump 'em all in the deep blue sea
say, i don't need no plane to fly me
i got my own smooth pair of wings

you can take all your automobiles
park 'em all in a big green field
said you can take all them automobiles
park 'em all in a big green field
say, i don't need no car to drive me
i got my own cool set of wheels

you can take all of your trains
and run 'em off the track
said you can take all of them trains
just run 'em right off the track
don't need no locomotive engine
i got the blues, i'll blow my stack
(better get back)
This is really a song...gritty 12 bar blues...
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