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This is the last thing I'll ever write about you, as it's just time to let you go.

I wish I could have known you in another life.
Where you never hurt the people that love you the most.

I wish I could have known you in another life, where you didn't allow your own inner turmoil and pain dictate and rule your life.

I wish I'd known you in another life.
A life where, when you were, incapable of loving yourself.
You'd let me shower you with my love instead.
A place where my love would have been enough.

I wish I had known you in another life.
Where you really loved me as your wife.
A place where I would have been able to tell you,

You were simply it for me.

And if I had known you in another life,
My heaven would be to spend the Rest of my days,
Loving you, giving you, what you think you don't deserve.
Life is cruel, it can be unforgiving, cold and mean, and so can the love of your life.
And when you realize why it could never be, take the love you have and lock it all away with a the key.
I had a strange dream last night. Everything was black and white.
My inner self transformed into another version of me and had taken me by the hand to a place I'd never seen.
I followed her like moth to a flame.
Hoping to gain some insight, some advice on my life.
But expectations are not a fair game.

It was there under the grey moon that she asked me in the most convincing unsure way...
Turning to me she said...

"Maybe you've already had your happiness, whats left to gain? Why are we always searching for something you're just not meant to have in this theoretical story?"

I looked up at the moon that looked as if it just turned twelve shades darker.

"If you believe that, if that were true then how do I explain this to my heart? That true loves just a game? A gimmic, a fate of magic we weren't meant to gain? Tell me, I'll listen to anything you have to say." I said softly.

But her gaze brought no answers.
They didn't reveal anything at all.

So I asked her again!
"Why tell me this?"
"Was this your plan all along?"
"To bring me here, to make me second guess, all that I have been through both present and future?"
"I can't believe true love is not out there, waiting for me, and that I'll never find it."
Or that it'll never find me."

It was like she knew more than she put on as she flashed a smile.
It warmed me with reassurance, but it was her eyes that said much more...
Never give up on love even when Your faced with your own self doubt.

I couldn't tell you what it was...
Or what caused it...
I honestly hadn't thought about you much...
It was a first but it came in plenty.
It was like I forgot about you...
Even if only...


My theory is...
Yes, of course I have one...

In the wake of,
a recent devastation..
I was..
Quite vulnerable..
Teetering on hopelessness...

It was in the midst of all this,
That My,
My Employer,
Starts confiding in me for marital advice....

Seems harmless right??
I mean really...
Why the **** did I even care?

Why would these harmless insignificant things bring back so many memories.

I remember going home that evening...
Drinking wine on my little black sofa...
Looking out my window, as the rain began to sound against my window pane..

It was then, that I realized..
Something started stirring in me
I was missing you...

What the hell is wrong with me?

Why do familiar situations, have that pile of **** way of digging things up...
You've already buried ten feet deep?

I'm angry...

I'm ******* at myself!

I don't want to miss a man who doesn't miss me.
Whose not thinking about me.

I don't want to feel the icy sting in my heart knowing he never loved me.

How he got away Scott free.
Without pain or agony...

I don't want there to be some piece of you I always love or a special place in my heart, where you'll always stay...

Because you don't ******* deserve it.

You never deserved me...

You never indured...
The pain and agony...
You don't know what it feels like, to be suffering.

Having to go through what it feels like when, your heart gets even a whiff of something that's tied to your memory..

I hate that my heart still entertains this **** because I wanna be rid of everything that has your memory tied to it.
( I lost track of my journal entry number so this will just be journal Entry 1170 just sounds pretty.)

Sorry for the rant.
All I want is for the right man to enter my life that's supposed to be there.

In my dreams..
I picture him having rough strong hands that are lined with experience.
I picture him running his hands softly across my damaged past,
Lingering over the shattered places within my heart.
Kissing me so deeply, engulfed in unspeakable passion erasing every ounce of doubt that arises.
I picture him grabbing my hand, standing tall beside me, at the most crucial times, when others have left me...
I picture him saying...
"I love you."
I picture me believing it because the truth will be in his eyes.
And when he says,
"I'll never let you battle anything ever again alone."
It'll be in this small moment of pure bliss,
I picture myself thanking God,
Because he turned a tiny dream of mine into a reality.
Journal entry #14

To the girl I use to be....

I forgive you.

We all in some point in our lives, fall in love with an *******, who wouldn't know a good thing if it slapped them clean across the face.

It wasen't your fault.

You did what you were suppose to.

You loved him with your whole heart.

And it wasn't your fault he was never deserving.

Go ahead..
Go live your beautiful life.

You got this.
when you reach that point. Forgive yourself first, then them. Not for them but for you.
Journal Entry #13

I know its been sometime since I've written, but in my defense
I've been a busy girl.

I turn thirty-two in a couple days, and I'll be honest..
I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
This year has been nothing but changes for me.
Walked away from a toxic marriage.
Moved away from everyone and everything I know.
Walked away from childhood friendships,
Because they refused to grow...
Depression took over and consumed my life...
Crippling me.
I was alone.
With nothing...
But pain to keep me company.

That's one thing about me...
I've always been about bettering mine.
I may forget how strong I am temporarily.
But I'm not the type to roll over and die just like that.
All those so called people in my life that said they loved me.
Always wanting me to do good, but never better than them.
An ex husband who blinded me with lies and his own misery.
It's sad once you realize these were the kinds of people I let take up so much of my time...

But none of you really knew me at all...
Never thought I'd stand up on my own two feet again..
Get my **** together again.

You thought you knew me.
But that's one thing about me.
As soon as you doubt me,
I'll show you how hard I grind.
Proved all of you wrong, all at the same time.

I can't give no more time to that petty ****.
The petty life you chose to live.
You're steady complaining about your life,
but doing nothing to change it.
Drowning in your own misery.
Assuming I'd always be along for the ride.
why'd I tolerate that **** for so long?

But see,
I'm not that same girl you use to know.
And that's one thing you just never saw.
You're not moving,
You're stagnate in your own misery.
You're not growing with me.
Its just time I let you go.
I have no more sympathy to give to you.

Oh, you think I'm heartless.
Well get this...
This is how I see this...

If I can stand up from my own personal hell of...
Lift my own self up..
Walk out into better days..
All because I made the choice to change things.

Why cant you?

I'll be honest...
I hate that I had to let you go...
I get it you're upset with me..
That's okay I'll let you be.
Yeah, I hear some of you are hatin' me.
I had mad love & respect for you..
But that's the thing about me..
And yea,
I know you say...
I'm selfish...
I cant grow with people in my life who refuse to grow with me.
Life's to short to have ****** people in your life let them go.
Journal Entry #12

Today has been a hard day for me.
Needed to let off some steam.
So I went for a walk today.
Even though it was cold and snowing today.
Hands in my pockets.
I thought this was ok, because the weather matched my mood today.

Had to cut a childhood friend out of my life today.
Which would explain why I'm so sad today.
In all fairness though, she handed me the scissors.

That's my life though.
That's what I get though.
For trying to save everyone I love from themselves.
That's what I get though.
For Always having the purest of intentions.
But what I've come to learn in my 31 years of life,
Is that you can't save people who don't wanna be saved.

But let me ask you this...
What kind of person would I be if I stood by and watched the ones I love drown in their own misery.
What am I to do?
Do nothing?
When everything inside of me can't bare to watch without throwing that line of support over and over again. Hoping against hope that they'll finally grab a hold?
Or do I do nothing?
and stand by while I'm burning alive inside because I can't help them?
Do I just accept it and leave them to drown?
But, if I did this....
I can't help but think what kind of person does that make me that I'd allow this?
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