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Nat Lipstadt Aug 2017
when a lost muse is no excuse,
when the mundane and the profane
are away on summer holiday,
and you are currently on the divine’s
'u **** - no write list'

nonetheless the itch in the private
spaces is driving you crazy,
write a poem, write a poem,
in the way a grandmother
(or a mother to a grown child)
whiny nags,
its a nice day, go outside and play
with a strange man
whatcha ya gonna do, the walls are all painted,
and the good bad boys are out of town, all with the  
other bad good girls,
who got there first,

but we will write of
******-rings and
other crazy songs you sing

it is not important you the reader understand every verse,
like Patton said, "it only matters that I know,"

which line is a joke,
which around your neck is
your customized yoke,
which is why:
plaintive wail to no avail,
the regret that never can be sated,
the frustration cratering inside the chest,
which is just,
(and unjust)
just enough
to make a semi-satisfactory smile
upon the lips appear

whose lips?
who cares?
as long as you don't have to hear me sing my poetry
but hear me smiling at
the power of whimsy writing
and the return of
my no longer muzzy^

Ms. Minx A. Muse-me
a poem in reserve for you, the Canadian girl
^muzzy - groggy, blurred

always about you and you******-rings/
Vladimir Lionter May 2020
There is no more first- class lady than Sally in
“The third watch”, the actor Sudduth (1)
Didn’t let one down, Daniel (2) and Bosco (3) at once if
You like they are ready to be in SWAT!
And now about the Police of Chicago—
How charismatic is Henry Voight (4),
As I see it the film is the super- saga,
Leroy (5), Dawson, Olinsky, Atwater (6)
Lived in this state, I’ll admire as Kevin: “Yow, Bro!”
This film is more smart than “Harry Potter”,
Kim and Erin (7)  are better than Monroe (8).  
“Southland” is also full of copes
They would serve as examples to ours
(This film placed itself at the head of TOPs):
Shawn, Regina, Lucy, Salinger—at last.

(1) Skipp Sudduth (born in 1956)
(2) Coby Bell (born in 1975) acts Davis in the serial “The third watch”.
(3) Jason Wiles takes Davis’ part.
(4) The actor Jason Bex in  Henry’s role.
(5) Leroy Brown is from Croce’s song “Bad, bad  Leroy Brown”.
(6) John Seda (born in 1970) is in Antonio Dawson’s role; Elias Koteas is in Elwin Olinsky’s role and La Royce Hawkins (born in 1988) is in Kevin Atwater’s role.
(7) Marina Squerciati (born in 1984) is in  Kim Burgess’ role and Sophia Bush (born in 1984) is in Erin Lindsay’s role.
(8) Marilyn Monroe (1926- 1962).
(9) Shawn Hatosy (born in 1975) is in the detective Sammy’s role, Regina King (born in 1971) is in Lydia Adams’ role, Luci Liu (born in 1968) is in  the  role of the policewoman Jessica and Michael MacGrady (born in 1960) is in Daniel Salinger’s role.

* * *
Посвящается актёрам сериалов
«Третья смена», «Южная
территория», «Полиция Чикаго»
Нет класснее Салли в «Третьей смене» –
Ведь не подкачал актёр Саддат(1)!
Дэвиса(2) и Боско(3) не заменят –
Хоть сейчас они готовы в SWAT!
А теперь – к «Полиции Чикаго» –
Как харизматичен Генри Войт(4)!
Этот фильм, по-моему, супер-сага:
В этом штате в песне жил Лерой(5)!
Доусон, Олински и Этуотер(6) –
Восхищусь как Кевин: «Йоу, Бро!» –
Лучше этот фильм, чем «Гарри Поттер»,
Ким и Эрин(7) круче, чем Монро(8)!
В «Саутленде» тоже много копов,
Кто пошли бы нынешним в пример
(Этот фильм возглавил списки ТОПов):
Шон, Реджина, Люси, Салингер(9)!

1.Скипп Саддат (р. 1956);
2. Роль Дэвиса в сериале «Третья смена» исполняет Коби Белл
(р. 1975);
3. Роль патрульного Боско играет Джейсон Уайлз (р. 1970);
4. Роль Генри «Хэнка» Войта исполняет актёр Джейсон Бех (р.
5. Лерой Браун из песни Джима Крока «Bad, Bad Leroy Brown»;
6. Джон Седа (р. 1970) в роли Антонио Доусона, Элиас Котеас
(р. 1961) в роли Элвина Олински и Ларойс Хоукинс (р. 1988) в роли
Кевина Этуотера;
7. Марина Скверсьяти (р. 1984) в роли Ким Бёрджес и София
Буш (р. 1984) в роли Эрин Линдсей;
8. Мэрилин Монро (1926 – 1962 гг.);
9. Шон Хэтоси (р. 1975) в роли детектива Сэмми, Реджина Кинг
(р. 1971) в роли Лидии Адамс, Люси Лью (р. 1968) в роли полицейского
Джессики и Майкл МакГрэйди (р. 1960) в роли Дэниэла Салингера.
Dedicated to the actors of the TV series
«Third Watch», «Southland», «Chicago P.D.»
Viseract Jul 2016
You play innocent
You're the one who started this
You think it's acceptable to play with fury
By calling him a *****?

I'm sorry Bex
It seems you've been misled
I was a normal caring citizen
Of this fabulous site where I can mend

A helping hand is a healing hand
Or so I first believed
But Woody is bad and gives me reason to write
So I guess looks can deceive

I pity those by his side
He seems respectable, right?
Yet when he calls you a ***** for no reason
Well if not for that, i coulda liked the guy

Nice try Woody. I'm not as stupid as you believe. All I have to do is signout, search my name and then check my activity. Unblock me and take your punishment like a man. You're the real coward here. I'm still in school man, does it feel good to kick a kid in the ribs?

— The End —