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Phoenix Jan 2016
I have so much self hate*
But  *I am so vulnerable
I just  When I cry  I just
Can't  But I cry too much  Can't
Seem  So I think  Seem
To  That I may just  To
Evict  Give up  Evict
It all  One day  It all
**Maybe it will consume all of me.
So, Read one side of bold for poem "1" And then read the italics for poem "2"
Write a poem that has a crunchy outside and a soft center.
(from Joe)   Hmmm...Does this have to do with subject matter? with sound? with shape? with something only you would think of?
Phoenix Jan 2016
Bread and butter
Bones and blood
Air and water
EERRGGGHHH I AM SO TERRIBAD AT POETRY *** I GIVE UP FOR LIKE 20 MINUTES.Write a poem no longer than 5 lines about bread -- every day bread, holiday bread, the best bread, the worst bread, communion bread, Wonder bread, lefse, pita, metaphorical bread, etc, etc. But no longer than 5 lines!
Phoenix Jan 2016
Last Monday

Today I cut
And out of that cut,
A beautiful dragon arose
And from that dragon's mouth,
A single word dripped out
A new hope filled my veins
And it made me set down the blade
I gently washed off the dragon,
His words still echoing in my mind
And I let that hope flourish
Let hope spread,
Like a butterfly's wings
Think about your day today. Spend 10-15 minutes writing about it. Start at the beginning and write down everything you did or noticed, anything that you thought or felt. Be detailed. At the end of your time, stop writing even if you didn't get as far through your day as you thought you would.

Now look back at what you've written and pick out the parts you think are worthy and begin creating a poem.  Maybe it's all worthy; maybe only a couple of lines are worthy. That's okay -- work with what you have. But wait, you're not either change a two or three of the ideas in your poem to be completely different than what actually happened, and/or add a couple of things that are amazing, but just not true. Make your ordinary something more. Consider using a day of the week or the date as your title.
Phoenix Jan 2016
Rhyming in a scheme
You should totally try it
It is not as easy as it may seem
Like finding a shoe that fits

Rhyming cannot be implied
It cannot be faked
It must be applied
It is like a good steak

A rhyme a day
Or is it an apple?
Will keep the lame away
But do not grapple

For it is rhyme time
Time to rhyme
Rhyme scheme counts. ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
Phoenix Jan 2016
We are the "minority"
We are the "weird ones"
We are the "crazy people"
We are the "Oh, they should be locked up!"
We are the "Honey, let's go somewhere else. SHE is here."

We are the light
                    in an otherwise dark world
We are the color
                    in an otherwise grey world
We are the art
                    in an otherwise lame world
We are the curves
                    in an otherwise straight world
**We are the poets of the world
In the recent New Yorker, writer Elizabeth Kolbert has a great article on rising sea levels and how they will especially affect south Florida. Here's a link to the article:
In the penultimate section of the article, Kolbert writes that Bruce Mowry, city engineer of Miami Beach, muses, "I'm sure if we have had poets, they'd be writing about the swallowing of Miami Beach by the sea."  

How very odd that he thinks Miami Beach does not have poets and that he also feels their lack in new poetry about sea level rise which truly threatens their city. We must help! Let us step in and write some poems on their behalf. Write a poem about Miami Beach (I've never been there, but I won't let that stop me), the rising sea levels, climate change, flooding, or the strange ignorance of the poets in our midst
Phoenix Jan 2016
You're creeping up on me,
Sneaking up on me.
Trying to scare me,
to scar me.
Hand me those blades,
Take my food
And throw it away.
But you can't fool me.
Nor can you trick me.
You won't win,
No, depression,
You won't win.
Not this time.
Not this time.
Start the song at 0:14 and start reading there too
Here is a piece of music by Django Reinhardt.

Listen and write a poem inspired by the music.You might focus on one section of the music and write lyrics to the melody, you might write a poem that reads like jazz, you might simply write a poem about something the music reminds you of. You could call your poem "Blues" after this particular piece of music. Or you could call it something else.  :) Consider avoiding mentions of France, gypsies, or guitars.
Phoenix Jan 2016
I was just a child,
but that seemed to be enough
We sat in the front of your car
As you drove us to Hell
Oblivious to all the **** to come
True story bro.
You wake and find yourself quite comfortably in the passenger side of a vehicle heading…where, when, why, how, and who’s driving? Write a poem of possibility. The road is wide open ahead of you.
Phoenix Jan 2016
Your love
Was special
And so perfect
But I guess
And perfect
Weren't enough
Write a poem of only 15 words. Consider having one word per line. Consider repeating a word or two. Consider playing with sound. Consider giving your poem a title that is nearly as long as the poem. Consider the topic of love.
Phoenix Jan 2016
You seemed so amazing
But I only got a taste
I am sorry for ever trying
I am sorry for ever pushing

You felt so amazing
With all your numbing qualities
You were always there to save me
You were always there to hold me

But now I see you were setting me up for failure
But that is okay now
I know I shouldn't, but I forgive you
I know I shouldn't, but I still love you
Write an elegy for something you've happily let go this year.
For example, I stopped drinking soda in July (I still miss it), and I stopped thinking I would eventually enjoy exercise (I still exercise; I've simply accepted that I'll never, ever, ever like it.)
Phoenix Jan 2016
It was just another day
We were going to worship and pray.
We didn't know that we were prey.
In God's own house-
Sacred house-
We were just nine.
Nine people.
Nine families.
Nine Deaths.
Shot and killed like fish in a pond,
Not a single chance to escape.
I chose the church shootings in june...? I think they were in june... Write about a news story from 2015
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