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Justyn Huang Nov 2018
I poured some time
into a well. just to see
how much the water'd

Another day
Another down
Another pour

But never filled, never flowed.
Why then am I doing this for?

Sitting on an apple tree,
I glimpsed unto the bees,
'Twas scantier the yesterday
Upon the silent deeds.

Today, on afternoon break,
Behind an ample hill,
I met this young with wagon
Who gathered crumbs for me.

Äŧül Oct 2014
We love each other,
We are the best friends,
We have our plans.

We hold each other,
We take care of our grip,
We do not choke or strangle,
We give each other space,
We have a bold outlook.

We are unlike anyone else,
We both are very much unique,
We both are really similar.
My HP Poem #684
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —