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Engineer Mikay Jan 2016
Lying here on my bed
It was you in my head
Everywhere I see your face
It was you I'll embrace
Your scent I smell  
It was you all I can tell
D*mn I feel so cold
It was you I want to hold
Craving for your love
It was you all I want to have.
What was once numb. Now feels the soft embrace of an angel. That which heals all scares and wounds. Eyes that were blinded by tears and blood, now gaze into a beauty that could only be described as a horizon of supernovas reflecting above an emerald tinted ocean. Ears tormented by the ridicule and screams of those superior, suddenly serenaded by a voice so soft and comforting it was as if peace in its purest form was speaking. Lips, the same that would spout Black blood and nonsense, are now sealed, in the warm lock of another pair. A mind clouded by hatred and insanity, is overflowing, filled with thoughts and feelings just waiting to be portrayed through actions and meticulously planned sentences. All concluding with the same three words,
"I love you".
A pulse, beating inside, a heart. For once, no feeling of anger, or depression. Just happiness, just love. Just her.
Call it love or obsession, either way, it can be taken too far. I'm sorry.
Baylee Sep 2015
The soft caressing,
The deep,
Slow, breathing,
I want you.
The tickle of
The air,
Coming from the fan,
Hold me tighter.
Plush, moist lips,
To my head,
Kiss me.
I want to feel you,
Around me,
Loving me harder.
Blurryface Jul 2015
I miss you
A little too much
A little too often
A little more each day

I want you
A little too much
A little too often
A little more each day

I need you
A little too much
A little too often
A little more each day

n Apr 2015
i could never leave you. i want you too much.
why am i so sad about it
Only For You Feb 2015
I watched the clock

In that minute
108 people died

what if one of those people happen to be
someone I knew
someone I love

so I have come to this epiphany
what the **** am I doing

I just wasted one minute of my life
a minute that someone could only wish for now
so why am I wishing my minutes away

love someone?
tell them
they don't love you back?
let them go. now.
have a test?
feeling sad?
cry and cry and cry
feeling happy?
spread it

because every minute that passes
will never come back
and even though I love you,
the minutes are still passing,
and I know you are not coming back.
do I even make sense
Reanna Jan 2015
I will wait for you.
For you, I will wait.
Wait, I will for you.
You, I will wait for.
I will wait for you.
No matter how you say it !!! Although I missing you so much, no matter how long, no matter what it takes, you are the only one I will want.
M Eastman Dec 2014
Today is my last good day
and although you normally don't know
that is coming
I do
and If I could have pushed back the dawn
of this day I would have
for more time with you
Kasey Lee Dec 2014
Why is my life so conflicting?
Everything that's happening is so contradicting.
I know I'm with him, but you're so addicting.
When everyday, I'm left predicting.

...what will come of us?...

What if one day we both end up single?
What happens then?
If the feelings we have still make us tingle..
I guess I'll have to wait a month or two, maybe ten.

I'd wait forever just to be with you.
All the feelings I had that you never knew.
For, if I were with you, I would no longer be blue.
Right now, there's such a blurry view.

...what is the future for us?... we even have a future?...

You finally told me.
Everything you feel.
Don't you see?
We were meant to be.

I know this seems like it's too far away.
Like we may never reach it.
But if this went my way,
The path would be lit.
So the truth comes out. I know how you feel now. You've confirmed my suspicions. I feel the same way. Always about you
Lizzie Jun 2014
I had trouble understanding who you were.
I've been distracted by the way you smile every time you look at me
and the way your hands would slide up and down my body whenever our kisses got intense.
I wanted to crawl into your skin to feel the brokenness that lied within or rip my way into your mind to see all the things you've kept inside,
but every time I tried,
the thorns guarding your heart wouldn't let me enter.
I started to bang on the door, screaming "Let me in!" "Let me in!" But there was nothing but an echo.
I looked down at my hands and saw the marks and bruises from my failed attempt.
You told me that you wanted me long before, so here I am.
I'm standing alone under the stars where you told me to meet you.
So tell me your highness,
where are you?
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