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Dream Apr 2020
Today, I saw the sunrise.

Yes, I was up all night.

But it wasn't as sweet as it used to be.

I was up all night, suffering from insomnia, in tear puddles caused by your memories.

As the sun kept rising I hugged the teddy you gave me, for my eighteenth birthday, a little tighter, wishing it was you.
Some days are just worse than others. I wish i could share these moments with him. Love is a tricky *****. It'll cause pain and pleasure all at once.
Senna-Mia Rahner Nov 2019
Your bubblegum stained knuckles
Up her dress
Your love is a mess
In tangled loves
She breaths fast
So fast that the strawberry clouds dissolve
She’s lost
In your eyes
They blind the sun
So much that it doesn’t even bother to rise
Like the birds and the bees
She loves your black current knees
And she screams
Because she’s do anything for you
But would you do that for her too?
Senna-Mia Rahner Nov 2019
She tears the skin at her nails like wallpaper
Her thoughts are vapor
Remembering him between her thighs  
As he paints the blue skies
Senna-Mia Rahner Nov 2019
Sweat and tears down her neck
She’s a reck
As the men caress her body
Like flys on a corps
Her soft skin starts to warp
Her eyes roll back
Because of the lack of his love
The love of men in her life
And all their kisses
Are like a knife
Piercing her heart
As it decomposes
Because all she wants is a bouquet of roses
And she misses him
But she knows that he will never change
He will probably get way worse
At best the same
I haven't been able to sleep lately because of you, and tonight like every night, I welcome my old friend Insomnia.

I tell Insomnia :

《 It has been months since the last time I talked to her, yet I keep seeing her everywhere I go.
My heart, my soul, my entire being long for her. But I can't allow myself to hurt her again.

Absolutely nothing in this world would make me happier than spending every second of the rest of my life by her side.
Watching her smile and hearing her voice. Falling asleep in her arms and waking up next to her each day.

She's my little sunshine, for real.

But for me, life is nothing but an endless circle of pain, and that is why I can't come back to her. I won't, not this time.

As much as I want to, and God I want to, I can't let myself ruin her again. My good intentions don't ease the emptiness I feel in my exhausted heart, and nothing could.

But the loneliness has become less unbearable since I've started living with it for her sake. I find solace in the thought that she won't ever have to go through my hell again. 》

And tonight like every night, Insomnia just sits there, watching me convince myself that I am indeed making the right choice. I wish Insomnia would go away, just for a moment. But Insomnia is just too good a friend, she never leaves...
Little Lyssie May 2017
Decorating my bedroom floor.
Lit candles
Flickering upon nightstands.
Our favorite gentle music
Dancing into my ears.
And you're there, too
Waiting upon bed sheets
Bidding me come.
And as passion befalls me
Cold, frigid water
Rushes down my naked skin.
The warm water exhausted
Brings me back
To sitting in the shower
I miss you, baby
lonleyflowerx May 2017
i stand in the mirror for hours
wondering what it is about me that makes me so easy to replace
i stand over the sink and try to wash the words "use me" off my forehead
only to find out it was tattooed on to my skin
i run my fingers down my body and feel every single name of the boys that came after you carved on to me like a name on a grave stone
i place my hand on my heart but feel no beat

because see they talk about death as in the ones who leave forever, but they never talk about the ones that have died but are still walking this earth
they don't talk about the ones with fake smiles and laughs that are just illusions
illusions so you can't see that they are just completely empty inside
a walking grave

i stand in the mirror for hours
wondering what it is about me that makes me so easy to replace

but now i know- no one can love someone that's already dead
lonleyflowerx Apr 2017
sometimes i wonder if when i die
in my after life i will be with you again
or if it will finally be a life free of your memory
lilac sunsets Apr 2017

i remember taking a vow how i would never become addicted,
but that was smashed into shattered glass
when i saw you look at me like i was different
and heard you laugh.
this is short, very short but it holds a lot of pain for me. enjoy.
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