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hazem al jaber Feb 2023
Kiss me ...

kiss me slowly ...
don't run so fast ...
wanna to enjoy ...
with every part ...
kiss so lowly ...
every of my parts ...
start with my lips ...
but keep there so long ...
i wanna to enjoy ...
your wet lips ...
while you kissing me ...
so slowly to all my parts ..

kiss me ...
sweetheart ...
and don't leave any part ...
with every part ...
keep there so long ...
as much as you can ...
till you get all of me ...
till you reach the most sweet part ...
there keep kissing ...
but please so slowly ...
with a crazy kisses ...
hot and soft ...
to give me a happiness ...
as i will give you all of me ...
but keep so slowly ...
don't run so fast ..
don't even leave any of my parts ...
kiss me sweetheart ...
i'm so missing to your desires ...

kiss me babe ...
please do it now ...

hazem al ...
Lora Mar 2020
we are sitting on the outside corridor
and we listening to indie music at 3 am
i like these kind of nights
it is so peaceful
budapest is in front of our feet
it looks like a jewelry box
i fell in love with the city
and you at the same time
i can see the ferris wheel from here
where you kissed me first
your kiss was like mint and cigarette
still a perfect combination
budapest and you
x Jan 2019
you hold me with a grasp that aches to let go
that hates that I let it know that i’m leaving
Your arms begin grieving
Refusing to let go of this fleeting
The energy you surround me with
so potent
So intense
The kind that gives one notions
The kind that causes me to question every motion
I make
Every romantic idea I create
a facade
So intense
With little motion
And the sense
Of calm
You yawn
I gaze at your slumber
and my fawn hands caress your umber burnt skin
and i begin to listen,
to your heartbeat at its proper pace
as my aching heart mimics it, they begin to race
my eyes dance around your face
As you pull me deeper into your embrace
You hold me
as your snores begin to scold me
you unfold me
i become open to you
as i review ever subtle movement
my body soothes when
you hold me,
how I refuse to hold myself.
i whisper very boldly
to myself, i love you
but only discreetly
while you’re sleeping
because only while we’re dreaming
does this all feel so possible
does this type of love
and sensuality
and affection
feel probable
so i lay
and i wait
for you to awake
i wait in this space
for you to gently place
your lips on my forehead
for your warm embrace.
for clothes to replace
your warm embrace in its stead
for our little visit
to come to an end.
you release me with that grasp that aches to let go
that hates that, I let it know that i have to leave it
Your arms begin grieving me
the romanticism begins fleeting me
i reach over to kiss you
one more time
and in turn you reply
“i love you”
my heart did not know what to say
or what to do
it could not take any less of you
only anymore
Moeshfiekah Sep 2018
My **** slave
Your lips I crave.
Your master on her knees.

Your hand , my throat
So please take note.
A master you could be.
How she gets me to drop my dominant side and still calls me master still baffles me people
Ryzeofthepoet Sep 2018
Please kiss me again.
Kiss me like you mean it.
Kiss me like it was our last day together.
Kiss me like you've never kissed anyone before.
Kiss me like we have not seen each other for years.
Kiss me like your very life depended on it.
Kiss me like its the end of the world.
Kiss me like you love me.
Kiss me
Sierra Brown Mar 2016
I'm a little too drunk and I really miss your **** perfect smile.
Your delicious smell, is oh so divine.
You melt my heart, make it flutter being 1000 miles away.
You're indescribable and ******* irresistible.
I need your touch, your voice, your everything, I need it.
I need you here to hold me and play with my creativity,
and love me, and kiss me.
I want you to smother me.
I want you every day, every way, anyway i can have you,
i'll take you.
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
For the one
Who makes me melt,
Makes me feel warm,
And always makes me smile…

I kiss you with moist lips
They stick to yours
Like poetry on a melody, perfect fit
My heart opens up like unlocked doors

My thoughts float about
Worries all out of reach
No space for fears and doubt
As our spirits surrender to a kiss each

My shoulders feel sedated
My arms feel light
My winged feet have me levitated
As we share this one kiss tonight

Me holding you, you holding me
A grip so assuring you’ll never let go
Not a tornado or storm at sea
Could stand in the way of our love flow
Baylee Sep 2015
The soft caressing,
The deep,
Slow, breathing,
I want you.
The tickle of
The air,
Coming from the fan,
Hold me tighter.
Plush, moist lips,
To my head,
Kiss me.
I want to feel you,
Around me,
Loving me harder.
Forgotten Heart Sep 2015
i know
you are gone forever
at least
kiss me in my dream!!
To the sweet boy who can't get a read on me:

I'm sorry.

I will use you up and leave you dry...
and I think you would like to use me up too.

The problem with that is,
there's so very little left of me to use up.

So kiss me,
and try not to see the tears,
try not to taste the bitterness,
and I promise I won’t tell you his name.
September 3, 2015
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