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  Feb 2016 Only For You
you act like something that comes out of an ***.

always use a ******;
you would be a horrible father.

i can't believe you can say such cruel things to someone that you once loved.

but honestly what does a ******* know about feelings?
hahaha hey *******.

  Feb 2016 Only For You
did you truly love me or getting in my pants?
please don't answer that truthfully.
Only For You Mar 2015
maybe its the changing of the seasons
but I don't love you anymore
Only For You Mar 2015
and I can love you in my heart
but I cant love you in my arms
and its the worst part of reality
Only For You Mar 2015
and I wish I could wind back time
because babe you're on my mind

and I saw you at the gym today
you gave me a small smirk
as if you've only talked to me once or twice in your life

and i know it's possible
but i don't want to love somebody else.
and ive loved you for a long long time
Only For You Mar 2015
and we stopped talking again
just as I expected

but tomorrow I have to see your face for the first time since then
and im not looking forward to it
because I know Im going to have untamed butterflies flooding my stomach

but for some chance if you're reading this
im doing my best to move on
I found this kid
which is probably going to make you mad
but im not trying to I promise
I just know he's a lot better for me than you ever were
im sorry
my love is finally fading
Only For You Feb 2015
I wish bawling my eyes out eased the pain
and I also wish my parents would stop asking me whats wrong when they already know
and I wish I could stop crying everynight
and I wish I wasn't suicidal
and I wish I was good enough for the only person I love
and I wish you loved me back
and I wish writing this poem right now wasn't the only thing stopping me from killing myself

but I looked into your eyes tonight
and I hope you saw it
but I know you're blind

im broken, you broke me

you told me the things I made for you meant absolutely nothing anymore.
I spent days on that
and when you said that
I walked away
hoping you would chase me
or hit me with your car to put me out of my misery
but no, you didn't

and I wish you ******* cared about me
then maybe I would think my life is worth living....
and maybe I could go to bed at night without wanting to take my life

I just wanted you to ask me to stay
so I could be happy, be sane, stay a good person

but now that I know you don't care for me
why does it matter if I **** someone?
why does it matter if I do **** with a million boys
doesn't matter to you? why should it matter to me?
truth is im done giving a **** about life
when the one person I truly loved doesn't give half a **** about me

its one of those nights where I can't resist the temptation
im done
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