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Reanna Aug 2015
Until then... I'll be here waiting
Until then... I'll be here missing you
  May 2015 Reanna
Elijah Nicholas
I am enough.
I am enough.
I am enough.
I am enough.
I am enough.
With or without you,
**I am enough.
Reanna Apr 2015
and then i close my eyes to sleep
and turn my body towards
your side of the bed where
i put my arms around you
taste the sweetness of your lips
legs intertwined, transmorgified
the way our hips align
into one,
one more time
one more time i get
one more time i get to be with you
one more time i get to
feel what your body
feels next to mine
only to wake to
you no longer
being there
Its crazy how real dreams can feel..
  Apr 2015 Reanna
she’s the girl who will remember everything. from your birthday, to the story behind that scar on your left arm, to the number of freckles on your body.

she will love every inch of your body and your soul and even the heart you didn’t know you had.

she will take in everything you have to offer and give you back so much more. so much, that you won’t even know what to do with it.

she will open up the world for you. from books and music and film to things like culture and race and language.

she’s smarter and far more beautiful than she dares herself to show.

and you will love her.

you will love her like you’ve never loved anybody before.

she will level every winter your body has suffered with all the springs her bones have weathered.

and when you go, because you can no longer handle her, she will drown herself in alcohol and drugs and sorrow. and wonder why she wasn’t good enough.

she will refuse to be saved by any other hand because nobody can touch her quite like you.

she will **** herself with loneliness and then resurrect with her own scent.
and then she will do it again.

and again.

and again.

and again.

she will be weak and strong and bold and shy and mean and nice and everything in between.

she will grow. she will grow strong and tall.

and so will you.

and in ten years from now, when you run into her at the supermarket, she will ask about your marriage.

and while you’re there telling her about your wife, who is home with the kids, and your job, she will feel genuinely happy for you.

because she forgave you. she forgave you for walking away and she forgave herself for ever thinking she wasn’t good enough.

she will have realized by then that sometimes life will give you somebody just to watch you break when it takes them away from you.

and she will be okay with it.

and so will you.

but, she will walk away without telling you about her life because she doesn’t want you to hear it in her voice that she still remembers your birthday, and that birthmark on your right shoulder.

and that ten years ago, she had hoped you would run into somebody else and told them all about her being at home with the kids.
Reanna Apr 2015
The pain lingers like
blisters on the bottom of your foot
after walking around Disneyland all day

Where all the memories are beautiful,
but that hurt stays with you
everywhere you go

You know that everything is going to be okay
and the next ride will make you forget
how badly it hurts

But until that next ride you walk the park,
so happy you get to be there,
yet holding in the tears

And as much as the pain has your attention
it was still your most memorable time,
and you would do it all over again
How come we never went to Disneyland?
Reanna Apr 2015
When you can't even write
because the tears are louder
any combination of words
will ever be able to express
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