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Words' Worth Oct 2020
Summer, summer tomorrow, comes with expectation
A day doth bring here its heat
She stares from the heavens with electricity
With a breeze lithe and scarce, it walks over the earth

Stately and respectful in her stride
She hides behind clouds, when out of sight
Her beauty tempers the mind and calms the nerve
A weather so delicate, not a degree or ray less or more

But, when comparing her breath
The heavens turn and stare, wondering what despair
Plagues the incomplete soul and a heart so bare
Like moons hidden from her nascent stare

Scorning the cold moon, the torn heart
Looks for the summer, while crying for heaven's arms
As a body everyone is single, as a soul never.
Esther Feb 2020
we rise from the nests of our joined ashes
again and again - lovers and friends
wondering if change is possible
when change is all that we are -
bodies of re-creation
built to be rebuilt
in dusty increments
Henry Mich Jan 2018
A spring forms a river,
Far from the sea,
The water starts to flow
I smile, because I know,
This river is meant for me.

The spring is the ocean,
A deep crystal blue
surrounding, drowning me
Then falling off, into eternity
I have not forgotten you.

The river is salt
But gives life to a tree,
That tree is my heart
Let the river depart
Then walk with me.

Through life to death
Let’s start anew
Dry your tears
And discard your fears
I will never leave you
Nadia DeLevea Jul 2017
Like a statue I stand,
I cannot be broken.
Sharp as a blade,
I have not misspoken.

I'm already there,
All desire awoken.
Quick as lightning,
Furry bright and smok'n.

One step ahead,
I'm the whole **** ocean.
I'll get in your head babe,
So let that **** soak in.

Sweats like a boss,
That's why I get chosen.
I am the machine,
Don't need your **** token.

Confident words,
Each one that I've spoken,
Fierce as a lioness,
I can't be heartbroken.
Beauty is a Beast™  By Nadia DeLevea
Cole Hood Jun 2016
Brick by brick the walls were disabled,
mortar cracked chipped and broken.
Walls being attacked and made unstable,
all the secrets are now not spoken.

For four years I chipped at those walls,
using clever ideas and worn out tools.
What I didn't plan on seeing coming at all,
was that she was a trap twisted for this fool.

All that is left is rubble and stone,
what's inside I can now find it.
Happiness over finding a new home,
I just couldn't have known what was inside it.

An unbreakable building of solid steel,
reaching to the clouds and down to the depths.
Black from emotion actually being real,
walls to protect it from the rest.

Suddenly I'm flung across the land far from it all,
looking back I can't help but feel some guilt.
The building is again surrounded with walls,
Every stone and piece of mortar rebuilt.
How I was the only person to know the true her, breaking down the barriers and how she told me she needs them again even to me.
What was once numb. Now feels the soft embrace of an angel. That which heals all scares and wounds. Eyes that were blinded by tears and blood, now gaze into a beauty that could only be described as a horizon of supernovas reflecting above an emerald tinted ocean. Ears tormented by the ridicule and screams of those superior, suddenly serenaded by a voice so soft and comforting it was as if peace in its purest form was speaking. Lips, the same that would spout Black blood and nonsense, are now sealed, in the warm lock of another pair. A mind clouded by hatred and insanity, is overflowing, filled with thoughts and feelings just waiting to be portrayed through actions and meticulously planned sentences. All concluding with the same three words,
"I love you".
A pulse, beating inside, a heart. For once, no feeling of anger, or depression. Just happiness, just love. Just her.
Call it love or obsession, either way, it can be taken too far. I'm sorry.
RisingUp Nov 2015
If you look closely

You will see

The cracks and fault lines

That comprise me

From the outside, to the unattuned eye

I look like a normal vase,

For the glue is now dry.

Truth be told

I was smashed


Pieces essential to my core

Strewn haphazardly across the floor.

But thanks to those that saw me,

And a little internal conviction.

My pieces have been collected

My old form resurrected.

Thanks to a little glue

I appear to be almost brand new.

But don't be deceived

For what you perceive

Should not be completely believed.

For the vase is very fragile,

Not to be toyed with.

Not a player's game.

Please don't mishandle me,

And resurface days of misery.

— The End —