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md-writer Apr 2016
Fire and fear and falling shadows,
a promise broken and shattered dreams -
the tides break in with rolling billows
and my heart of sand is tossed ashore...

But I will stand once more,
For she is my anchor in the storm.

Kiss my brow and soothe my worries,
take my hand and cast your spell.
Let the demons you have driven from me
cast themselves back into hell;

for you are my anchor in the storm.

When the darkness grows within
you shine your light into my soul:
where the laughing failure whispers
and the future looks so dull.
When I cannot see the morning
and it seems I've lost the fight,
your hand is on my shoulder,
speaking wisdom in the night.

No words can sketch the likeness
and no picture show the form,
but if there's one thing I can say,
You're the anchor in my storm.
To my love. You know who you are.
Baylee Sep 2015
The soft caressing,
The deep,
Slow, breathing,
I want you.
The tickle of
The air,
Coming from the fan,
Hold me tighter.
Plush, moist lips,
To my head,
Kiss me.
I want to feel you,
Around me,
Loving me harder.

— The End —