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PK Wakefield May 2010
wallowing a slender: 'iwantyou'
on eager
i became raw
  as i
broke her chaste seal
relinquishing rusty islands
          in                                 A

PK Wakefield Nov 2011
come laughing sun
(the earth likes you

             thighs akimbo

it pulls down hotly on
                 into it

the earth and sun
       they are like for restless
             lovers they tussle
                         and ****
                                 those 2 tongues
mingle and bind
   my body and me
      1 to the other
        (like the earth on sun
         )but nights pretty 2
                                  Pretty night
                       sometimes U got me
                        wanting you got me
                          (and i do))iwantyou)cuz you're so deep and speckled glimmering
                                                               (and in your chest you've got
                                                                that one enormous bobble
                                                                so lush and radiant it pulls
                                                                my cheeks leaping
                                                                up to meet its softly
                                                                and every all of me
                                                                shatters smoothly set
                                                                forever in its boughs)

(and i am more beautiful than dying is forever. i am like impossible unbroken light. in the moon and O,

TreadingWater Oct 2015
It makes no...sense
...I plead no pretense.
But if honesty is a...fault
...well, then, I own it in spades;
And I'm pleased to
We aren't what.we.need.
...and don't you see
In that?
It's all the ...wants {Iwantyou}
..all OF the wants...
Wrapped into one (youmewe)
...and I can't close my eyes...anymore
Without the delicious thoughts...
Of your~skin~on~me;
How I want to trace those freckles with my...
...And map each one.
Just the lightest touch...
To form your body's silhouette;
Drawing portraits of poets from your ribs to
Your feet.
...and there is no rush in this//
And these moments are ours
...and it means everything to kiss//
How I could kiss you for hours.
No, dear...darling
...there is
But if loving needs... logic...
...I want no/part/in/it.

— The End —