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listen to the old man
he is here
he is your fate
he is who you are under
the tight skin
from dawn to dusk.

he has creepy
perplexing eyes
of experience,
with nerves not working
and legs that
don't support him anymore.
i am broke
i am alone

all i see is dust
in unsettling desire
in temptation
of a better place,
a better view.
the other day, i was sitting in my room watching dust flying everywhere in the air and it resembled my own state.
the half of it
i say
half of it .
how can i love you more
when i know
i invested myself completely
in the person who broke me
before you
and how do i trust you,
you won't break me ?

promises aren't a thing
when life's at brink
words are mere words
emotions don't stand with them.
promises are determined only when ... nevermind
you didn't want to hurt
neither did i
and yet you are a resemblance
so am i
is heaven the rainbow
and hell the rain
for when I love the heaven
i fall for hell.
i love the rainbow but rain manages to keep all my notice
Himangshu Singh Dec 2020
Here comes the moment
And now, all it goes
In the façade of nothingness
All I'm now is numb,
Feeling light, feeling hefty.
And now, all it goes
In the façade of nothingness.
nothingness isn't numb it's just another feeling that hasn't been accounted for.
Himangshu Singh Dec 2020
she said
she was mine, and
i was mine too.

how can someone like me
who disguises himself
can carry two souls aboard
when it is not even meant
to carry one.
just a random thought on a random relationship.
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