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micaela drew Aug 2018
I just want to feel love
Not from a sister or brother
Nor from a dad or mother
I want to feel soul shattering
Heart wrenching love

People all tell me to stay away
That I'll only feel pain
Yet almost every day
I long to feel this love

I know this is naive
But my untouched heart cries to me
To experience this love

Maybe it's because my heart has never been broken
Happiness ever stolen
Or ever received a token
Of this kind of love

I'll focus on friends for now
But when you come
My Heart will vow
To always be yours
Until it's torn
From the pain of love

R Nov 2017
What does snow feel like to those who've never felt it?
Let me try and picture it.

It's a nice, soft crunch rustling in my hands.
Powdery but a bit moist, melting as it lands.
It's like clay but airier, I mold it to a ball.
I throw it only to hear the muffled thump against the wall.
I let the flakes fall on my tongue, they taste of dust and water.
I take some and form some walls and there inside I potter
burying myself in the feeling of cold and wet and grime.
How fun it is to do so much and have this great a time.

But I've never felt it.
And I never will.
Oh well.
Maxx Oct 2017
all that I know

is that I don't
Joz Mar 2016
I know you see all my fault clearly
You hold them to avoid another pain
But you should remember
You are not the only one hurt

I know I treated you wrong
I know I should have understood
I was inexperience and I still learnt
You are fed up with my unending learning

But please don't bring all my fault
In every fight we have
In every argument we discuss
In every bad day you get

but now it is useless
I  ain't **nobody
Kimberly Lore Aug 2015
Please, do not ask me about love
It is not for lack of willingness
But I do not know it
I have been a little too sheltered
A little too isolated to know it
Some tell me it it painful
"Be grateful"
It appears to be fickle
And often quick to depart
When it finds me
I pray that it is substantial and understanding
and worth it

Please do not ask me about love
I have yet to meet him
Do you feel better now?
Now that you think you've figured me out?
Found out what makes me tick?
One hand clasped around my throat.
The other tangled in my hair
Pulling my head back so I'm forced to look in your eyes
So you can control me
So you can make me love you
Red marks on the backs of my thighs
A strict set of rules so you'll never worry
Punishment and reward
Equal gratification
All those things you want from me
That you can gain from tying my wrists together
Leaving rope burns across my stomach
Alone in a room
Exposed and waiting for you to come back
And love me
Just like I did to you
But in such a different way
You say that you're dominant
And that I'm the submissive one
Yet you want to jump right in
And I'm going to consider our options
Because your inexperience
Doesn't blend well with my needs
You can't collar me just to say you did
You have to mean it
And you don't know what it means to mean it
Seán Mac Falls Apr 2015
Boats wait through tempests
Young lovers fly into squalls
Birds quarreling
Kayla Bellinger Aug 2014
You are slowly melting
You were melting before we met
You had already chased heavens
And danced through galaxies

You are slowly melting
I want to travel the skies with you
But you're fading away from me
And I don't know how to make it stop

— The End —