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Eliseatlife Dec 2020
When people see something they don't believe,
They first doubt themselves
and then the world around them

But sometimes it is the world that is inexplicable
Jay M Jun 2019
It gets a little
I grow a little

I do what I can
To feel alive
Prove to myself
My broken heart is still beating
It gets harder and harder
And when I fall
I shatter
And again

When I'm put back together
A piece is left behind
In that world
Of misery
In the inexplicable...

- Jay M
June 21st, 2019
Omi Jun 2019
You sit there
Trying to convince yourself  that "you'll be fine"
But since we are all flesh
We have to fear.

But fear is conjoined.
With every atom,
Matterhorn Feb 2019
Across the room,
Through the undulating mass;
Somehow, we discover,
Each other's eyes.
She holds my gaze for but a moment,
Then quickly looks away,
Timidly brushing aside a curly strand of hair,
Staring anywhere else.

In the corridor,
Swiftly walking, pushing and shoving;
Our eyes meet once again,
And again,
Her pupils dart immediately to the left or right,
Studying the wall,
Suddenly in love with the smeared fingerprints and tacky posters.
I silently hope to be perceived once again
As she disappears.

Often, it seems
This process repeats.
Who is she?
What is her name?
How is it that, without fail,
We find each other
In one world or another,
One intrigued, the other embarrassed?
For the sake of the miracle, I refuse to know.
© Ethan M. Pfahning 2019
Jeni Jul 2017
Language is like a void
Yet concrete is porcelain skin
And chocolate dreams
I listen to shadows
Remembering how frantically the words melted
Sacrificing my tongue for your delicious smile.
I wrote this a few weeks ago with one of those fridge poetry magnet sets which I found in a box in my house.
Nic Sutcliffe Jan 2017
There's something profound in the space that we found
There's something serene in the energy between - us
There's something surreal in the way that you feel
There's something of joy in the way you play coy

There's something so pure in the way you endure
There's something sublime in your eyes that greet mine
There's something so strong in our harmonious song
There's something of divinity in the way you see me

There's something there
Something for sure
Between us, for us, forever with us
And I won't let it go*
Never, *oh no
Marty T Ottman Jan 2017
what is it when every time witness your image.. minutes feeling like forever, when i know everything is finished.   reflections may not be as vibrant as they use to be, you know everything seem to  turns translucent.   lucid, but losing what it exactly meant to an extent. lingering  somewhere rather known dwelling deep inside. let alone all i confided just a piece is missing, when it comes to reminiscing. i know it doesn't make any difference. past tense to present.. the  significance lost its value.. its not a coincidence. just dont  misrepresent
Steph Dionisio Aug 2016
She was undeniably warm.
The spirit in her is as balmy as summer.
A soul brimful of hopes and desires.
Until a sudden day came,
when everything feels bleak and inexplicable.
Fear created a room in her.
The tangled mind she has is devouring her spirit
and she started losing spark.
Things are slowly becoming halfhearted in her eyes;
even prayer becomes a tough battle.
Her mornings are frigid.
Her smile turned into misery.
The cold vibe she's facing,
made a winter in her heart.

-Steph Dionisio, August 19, 2016
Eliana Teixeira May 2016
That's incredible,
That moment when
You feel something
And you feel nothing at all.
It's having a feeling and
Not knowing where did he came from,
Its like finishing a book
And not knowing what is it about.
I have these feelings sometimes;
The feeling of being loved
When, actually, I'm all alone,
The feeling of growing up
When I still have the same age,
The feeling of happiness
When nothing caused it.
As a matter of fact,
These inexplicable moments
Are the thing that make life
Being as magic as it is.
K Balachandran Apr 2016
Human brain, intellect, knowledge, wisdom, logic etc has limits.
Transcendence is a  channel available to experience the incognizable.
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