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Joz Sep 2019
I took the first stick out of its pack,
light it up and began to think back.
The 'hello' we had back then,
in the airport I went.

I took the second stick out of its pack,
light it up and began to think back.
The type of happiness that has gone for long;
as I realized your heart is a place I don't belong.

Wednesday, 04 September 2019
Joz Dec 2018
Have you ever loved someone?
And the feeling of those butterfly-things appear out of nowhere.

Have you ever been crazy about someone?
When every topic of discussion is connected with that someone.

Have you ever been so excited when you just woke up in the morning?
Because you are about to have a quality time with your one on that day.


Have you ever lost those happily-silly things?
Like you are starving of those feelings to appear again on your days.
Monday, 17 December 2018
Joz Oct 2018
Life is fun..ny

There is a phase
when you’re happy.

There is a phase
when you are sad.

Just like seasons;

There is time for summer.
There is time for rainy.

Sometimes life looks so nice
And in a blink of eyes,
Life looks so complicated.

To be still,
To be confident,
To be optimistics,

These are the things to keep life on its track,
Not being afraid, fear not.
Friday, 26 October 2018
Joz Sep 2017
Why are you so rushing?

Let me take more time with her.
Or at least a proper dinner with a good chat.

Why are you so limiting?

Let me stay with her under the moonlight.
Or at least let her sleep on my shoulder for awhile.

Why are you forcing me to do things?

Let me stay young with her.
Or at least don't make us busy with our own things.

Why do you keep going?

Let me stuck with her in some moments.
Or at least let me have these moments again,
in the future.
Sunday, 03 September 2017
Joz Apr 2017
There is always
a hole,
in every road we take.

A mistake we made,
in every challenge we face.

A promise we broke,
in every relation we have.

Also, an emptiness we feel,
in parts of our life.
April, Tuesday 18, 2017.
Joz Apr 2017
I got some friends,
I call them iron buddy.

The rusty one,
the shiny one,
and the fashionable one.

My rusty buddy teaches me
that to be strong I gotta
go through that ***** yellowish thing.

My shiny buddy proves me
that outlook is important but
it shall show the quality inside.

The last one, my fashionable buddy
whispers to me that although people like him,
not every person needs him.

From them,
I learn to be a better of me.
Wednesday, April 12, 2017.
Joz Jan 2017
Playing with fantasy in the afternoon.
Make it happen at night.

Day dream, night game.

It wasn't you who appeared,
another creature with smooth hands.
The touch feels so real,
as it goes from my cheek to my shoulder.

Day dream, night game.

So I took the chance to break
the rule of my life.
A night with thousand stars above,
we play it slow.

Day dream, night game.

On that red sofa by the window,
you creep on top of me.
Give me your best blow,
end it with the best kiss.

Day dream, night game.

We don't dance
but we have our favourite move.
You still do it good,
make our body sweat a lot.

Day dream, night game.

And you said,
'Stay over tonight, please.'
I can't say no,
'but, no clothes tonight.'

Day dream, night game.
Monday, Jan. 30, 2017
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