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AnActualToaster May 2023
I wonder if I've actually learned
Or if I'm worth the things I've done
I wonder if I should keep trying.
If I should just keep trying.
Or maybe I should just quit
I'm not good enough anyway,
I know
I'll never be good enough.
But my options are little.
And so I give it my all.
And I study and I think and I think and I study
And why
Why do I always have to try
So much harder..
  Dec 2018 AnActualToaster
How do I convince you to love me?
I can make you tea and cookies
Or maybe mac and cheese
I can learn a song for you when you're feeling blue
I can kiss your neck and whisper why I want to be with you
I can wash your sheets and make your room neat
I can make your favorite snack
And if I do these things for you
Will you love me back?
  Dec 2018 AnActualToaster
You shouldn’t have come if leaving was all you had in mind
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