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VKBoy Aug 2022
He says he loves you
But he cannot walk in your steps
He always looks at you
Yet he cannot accompany you anywhere
He sleeps early but wakes up late
Even though he dreams of deserts and dry places
He says he sees himself in you
But his shadow never merges with yours
He asks you all sorts of questions
Yet he stays silent like a fallen flower to your questions
He smiles brightly like the sky
When it flashes lightning and rolls down thunder
And crashes on your hopes.
For he is a lying lover
With an angelic outside but a devilish inside.
VKBoy Oct 2020
Say what?
Humans are evil?
Can’t say the same, monsieur.
After all, humans are good.
Let my tongue expound upon mankind
And cast away all the qualms of a piece.
Humans are good.
I dare say men are good
Just as women are good
That their children are extra good.
As a family, they are good some more.
As a whole, humanity is good—above all.
Thus we shall keep that in mind for good.
So long as we treasure it in our hearts, then it’s all good.
By: Yohann Rosenthal, Shambala Sect
VKBoy Oct 2020
O, plebs and gentlefolks
Open your eyes to art
Finger your ears to tune
And lend your hearts to life
For she is on the way
To rock you every way
And rid you of cliche
With her feminal sway.
Have a gander at this wonder
But beware the hunger
O, busy humanity
As you hear my plea of spirity
Through the mandolin of clarity
So you salvage your sanity
Whip your vanity
And let go of mundanity
For hopeful cords are her hairs
Cyanic berries are her eyes
Blushing cherries are her lips
And so good is her smile
The next thing you know
Romance is on the rise.
By: Yohann Rosenthal, Shambala Sect
VKBoy Sep 2020
A fox in the desert
A tiger in the mountains
A lion in the prairie
An owl in the sky
A river horse in the rivers
An orca in the ocean
And a human in the world at large.
By: Yohann Rosenthal, Shambala Sect
VKBoy Sep 2020
Every life exists
To live and multiply.
Every note exists
To compose marvelous melodies.
Imagination exists
To see the worlds that cannot be seen.
Emotions exist
To express in languages that cannot be spoken.
Death, too, exists
To let the living taste the pain of losing.
All things exist for a reason
To make every mother’s son as they’re now.
So fret not, folks
For no one is an exception
To the wonders and woes of this world
Set in motion by the biggest yet gentlest hand of all.
By: Yohann Rosenthal, Shambala Sect
VKBoy Sep 2020
As he watched
The war began
And the warriors raged on
And slew a legion of enemies
Then came the song of the arrows
Flying over the fort walls
Setting fire to peace and beauty
Burning his kingdom to the ground
Leaving many dead within his mortal sight
Dragging his soul along
Into the dirt and what lay beyond
For ever and ever
To force him to holler and quiver
All because he refused to surrender
But he can’t do that ever
For he wasn’t just any warrior
But the king of them all
One who would rise and fall
Alongside his people and his kingdom.
Death in war is but an honor
To him, the warrior king
Who lives on through his supreme case.
VKBoy Mar 2020
Never fall in love with money
For it will break your heart apart
Like gold does to hundred silvers
Silver to hundred coppers
And copper to twenty faces
The said pieces when put together
Never add up to the necessary.
A poem from the novel Shambala Sect.
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