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Sofia Sep 2020
My name, which is growing in popularity as we speak,
Is mine and only mine, and all the others are fake.
But 2007 was really its peak.
Most people are trying to take,
What’s not theirs and make it great.
People make the name something that’s not the same.
Like dogs and cats.
They’re different and you don’t get them confused,
And when people get it wrong you slowly light your fuse.

It’s not their fault, and I know that to be true,
But everyone likes their name better,
And that’s what makes me blue.

My last name means hay,
Which is ok,
But then people say it wrong,
It just makes you grey.
You say the J sounds like H,
And they try again.
This time its better, but still not the the way,
You like to say

— The End —