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anotherken Dec 2018
first, close your eyes.
imagine that a daemon haunts
your feebly mind.

second, realize that all you know is false.
your senses failed you
closing doors in the brain's halls.

next, further scepticism.
the grounds of your knowledge
fall into absurdism

what can i know of then
that must be true?
surely, my experience cannot be my friend

now think of all this,
and it might just whisper
like a snake's hiss

you are thinking all along
it is definite
your thoughts are your thoughts, after all.

the reality you live in might be full of sham,
but remember this:
i think, therefore, i am.
A poetic take on Descartes' Demon.
Maria Etre Mar 2018
It doesn't
have to
make sense
to make sense
Tommy Randell Sep 2017
Leave me
On the ice when I can write no more
When the fast flow of my poetry
Slows to an inutility of words

Leave me
In the darkness when my rhymes hang dangling
As a lifetime of dreaming
Fritters out to rambling

Leave me
Homeless in the hedgerows in some final isolation
When the urgency of rhyming
Has reached its abnegation

Leave me
To the long night of empty pages
Staring back at me finally
While the Silence in me rages

Leave me
For my own good I do not want sympathy
When it's stopped I will know it's stopped
The Heart of all I've ever been
Nerve Oct 2016
I'll never be able to finish a song
You be the brains and the brawn
I'll front like to me you're just a pawn
But as soon as everybody's gone
And I'm finally alone, I'm drawn,
to cry long past dawn 'cause I'm a *****
My self-image tends to ping-pong
Whether I'm alright or all wrong

I'm giving up on being strong
Maybe I should pop a pill or puff a ****
I wonder about the sensations all day long

I joke and I joke on and on
But at the end I stay
knowing everything isn't okay
Because I shouldn't be scared of my own race
I wish I was nothing more than a trace
I wish myself not to be a complex being
Like everybody else, through night and day
My past reflects on who I am today

Right now and the past shouldn't be too overwhelming to face
Now and the past weren't too bad but yet out of fear I brace
My emotions are laced
to everybody but I haste
to show I actually care
but to do so isn't so rare
The first time I do is hard to be fair
But if I say so I tear
I won't trust but I do love and care

After I say so I'm uncomfortable and feels as if I'm bare
and trapped in the spacious outside without air
It feels like you just judge and stare
So I'm then scared that you won't stay as I'm stuck there

Family are the only people I love, for them I,
refrain from trying to die
You are my blood, so I'll be **** sure I never again be why you guys cry.
Smily-face-mask Feb 2016
In a world of brag berrys and eye phones
The desired no longer is the required
And the smiles are  synonymous with the flash and camera.
With a startling contraction of hiding less and wanting more
And lopsided talk that grows airtight, less each week
As the enemy we hunt lie in our beds, we seem more estranged from our sons
Welcome to the iron and concrete maze we call life, with our only reward a starting line
And defiance, a strength I must find
Least I become deficient among my kind

I rise to the surface like a corpse
And my stench filling the morning air
******* the ear but deep to the soul
With one message on my morbid lips
Come die with me!
To all your landlocked dreams
To all your chains shackles and beams
And enjoy the privileges of a dead man
Who has no life to live other than his.
Because in losing I can find
And in ending I can begin again
Notes (optional)
Ambika Jois Nov 2015
I perceived you only as I could
I saw you for what you were
You were an innocent being, of all
You never saw coming what caused the stirs

Your purity won my heart
Among all senses, there was my seventh
That awakened me every night and day –
My rationale, my core’s filament.

I have always been myself
I’ve carried myself with care
Once I am told that I do not belong
My heart, mind and spirit are all stone and bare.

I have seen and faced many heavens
With my hands, fingers, lips and conscience
I have been all that there is to be
From devoutly hopeful to hopelessly incontinent.

In your name, I have set myself free numerously
My zeal faded each time, as my fetters clinked
I know I became your entire world, but did you at all know –
You were my cage, within which I fluttered incessantly to fly out and sing?
Tony Scallo Nov 2014
1st - Teach them how to quiet their brain so they can listen easier. Do some  mental exercises that will help build that “muscle”to be able to detach from the loud chatter in their brain at times.

2nd - Be extremely rationale, don’t be so quick to pull someone out of their comfort zone when it comes to constructive criticisms about their problems. Talk about their lives step by step and always be understanding to the diversity of problems.

3rd - Surround that person with the associated things they choose to want to chase that will make them happy. Go out of your way to help surround them with these things. Constant exposure to the same things everyday will only help fuel old habits that they're used to doing.

4th -Condition them within these habits to live by everyday, and this is what you'll tell them.

"It will take handwork, perseverance and a lot of will power to get yourself to make this metamorphosis. But just remember one thing, when you make it out of this loop of distress you find yourself in, you’ll be what you’ve always wanted to be. So push yourself and never give up. Fight for you. No matter how hard it gets for you to change your habits, just remember you’re fighting for who you want to be. You have something to fight for. You’re doing what you’re doing for the sacrifice of molding yourself into the person you dream about. Be that person everyday and fight through the fire and the flames of strife. Never back down and fight from ever faltering into depression. Be the change you wish to see in this world, and you sha'll see it."
Caution: Easier said than done. This process is not as black and white as I make it seem. The initiator can only help provide the tools to the person who wants to change, you can't make someone change. If you see promise within them, and that they really want to change though, never give up on them. Fight through the bickering and battles to show them how much you really care about their well-being. One must be very patient within this process though, so always be mindful.
Frank Ruland Oct 2014
Why is it I try
to use spoons
like forks,
forks like
and knives
like guns?

— The End —